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February 14-16, Mumbai

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2012 is a landmark. To our delight and satisfaction, the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF) has witnessed 20 springs. And two decades sure is a long time. So we thought it best that we dedicate this 20th edition of the forum to the world's journey from the simple and stable to complex and complicated.

If there was a single phrase to describe this transition, it would probably be 'Hyper Specialisation' — the metamorphosis from simple one-directional supply chains to multi-dimensional supply networks, from the desk phone to the hand phone and now the unified communication platforms, from boxed organisational charts to tangled ecosystem meshes, from onsite hosting to cloud hosting, the evolution is still rolling…

It is not surprising then, that the definition of leadership has come a long way from where we started. Whatever be your calling, have you thought what it would take to sustain your leadership positions in such a hyper specialised world?

Join us at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012 between February 14-16 at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, to toss some of these questions in the air and get some well-baked answers.



  • The era of hyper-specialisation – what it means for countries, industries, organizations and leaders?
  • Revitalizing Trade to reverse recession
  • Is Euro under threat?
  • The Indian growth story: An outside in perspective.
  • Skilled professionals and global mobility: Will political compulsions derail business interests?
  • How good is your IT quotient? Can leaders do without it?
  • Reaching the anytime, anywhere customer: Sellers’ Struggle
  • Demographics and Skill sets: Is intent translating to outcomes?
  • The future of technology
  • The Productivity Paradox: Can global sourcing continue to deliver increased productivity for customers?
  • Reverse Learning: Are service providers creating next practices for global customers?
  • 2012 Global IT Budgets: Stagnant, shrinking or significant?
  • CIOs Take: Cloud impact on global sourcing
  • How optimized in your global delivery network?
  • BPO Next: From transaction to platform based services
  • Social Media: User generated content – use and risks of the personal data ecosystem
  • Start-ups : Global entrepreneurs – what are they made of?
  • Social entrepreneurship – ICT for Growth - Amplifying the Impact
  • Leadership – The New Champions
  • Can IT be the panacea to fight corruption

What's Special

  • 20th Successive Year
  • A humbling responsibility to beat our own benchmark
  • A heady mix of IT and non-IT speakers for lateral wisdom
  • Leadership keynotes to redefine what the New Edge will be
  • Transformational stories that changed lives
  • Idea Incubators for in-depth and output-driven discussions
  • Conference format that allows multiple ideas to thrive in multi-tracks
  • Participation from Industry, customers, governments and countries
  • Social events to mix business with pleasure
  • A bit of philanthropy to make the world a better place