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Automotive ER&D: Navigating in a Digital World
10 Aug 2016

India’s Automotive ER&D exports stood at ~USD 2.5 billion in FY2015, a 16 per cent share in India’s total ER&D exports. Third-party service providers dominate this market (~65 per cent...

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Energy ER&D: Powering ahead
07 Jan 2016

India’s Energy ER&D exports stood at a little over USD 1 billion in FY2015, a 6 per cent share in India’s total ER&D exports. This sector is dominated by GICs (>55 per cent share); ESPs...

Aerospace ER&D: India – Strategic partnership role
10 Aug 2015

By 2020, offshored ER&D market for aerospace sector will be between USD 4.5-5 billion. India is set to garner anywhere between 40-50 per cent of this market (USD 2.0-2.5 billion). Key drivers...

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