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Architecting Consistent Sales Engine


We are pleased to invite you to the 70th session of NASSCOM Product Forum at Coimbatore.

After acquiring the first few customers, every growth stage founder wants to extrapolate from the initial success and penetrate the market efficiently for growth. The founders would need to scale a sales team and transition from a founder driven sales process to a founder led sales engine.

This full day workshop will discuss the techniques to infuse science in the sales engine and to produce results consistently.

The agenda:

  • To extrapolate from the current customer's implementations & penetrate the market for both new logo acquisition as well as account management.
  • How to design a sales organization, how to evaluate, hire and on-board the sales team and how to scale it out.
  • How to choose, build and manage partner ecosystems and support them
  • The art of qualifying and questioning the prospects
  • Multiple outreach techniques and designing sales metrics to manage the process

We look forward to your valuable participation.

09:30 hrs – 10:00 hrs

10:00 hrs – 10:15 hrs
Welcome Address by NASSCOM followed by participants brief introduction

10:15 hrs – 11:30 hrs
Session on Architecting Consistent Sales Engine by Mr. Balaji Chakravarthi, Founder, ScoVelo Consulting

11:30 hrs – 11:45 hrs
Tea / Coffee Break followed by Session

11:45 hrs – 13:00 hrs
Session Continues

13:00 hrs – 13:45 hrs
Networking Lunch

13:45 hrs – 15:45 hrs
Session Continues

15:45 hrs – 16:00 hrs
Tea / Coffee Break

16:00 hrs – 17:45 hrs
Sesssion Continues with Q&A

17:45 hrs – 18:00 hrs
Vote of Thanks

Balaji, Founder of ScoVelo Consulting (www.scovelo.com) has been a start-up sales leader from the beginning of his career of 20 plus years (12 plus years as VP of Sales) of experience in the IT industry. As an employee, he has 3 Start-ups, first customer acquired times, has innovated and scaled a tele-sales organization to sell software services on the phone. Balaji has experienced and understands the issues that organizations faces right from hiring , scaling and making the sales team perform.

Balaji is also a Founder and Editor of (www.firstfewcustomers.com), a knowledge platform to demystify start up selling. He interviews founders who shares the techniques on how they, in-spite of not being sales people themselves, acquired their first few customers.

Balaji has done full day workshops across the country at multiple NASSCOM, TiE and entrepreneur forums evangelizing Consistent Sales Engine. Balaji is also associated with leading Incubators/Accelerators as a Sales Mentor for their cohorts.