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BPM Industry sets a goal of USD 50 bn of revenue by 2020 - NASSCOM announces BPM Council 2013-15

Consolidating India’s pole position in BPM Industry
NASSCOM announces BPM Council 2013-15
Keshav Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS Global Services Appointed Chairperson


Key Statistics

  • 500+ BPO/BPM/KPO/LPO/Analytics companies in India
  • 150+ Global Shared Services Centres in India
  • USD 18 billion BPM export revenue in FY2012
  • Indian BPM market is expected to reach USD 50 billion by 2020
  • USD 50 billion BPM revenues from India – NASSCOM 2020 vision

The Indian BPM industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. The value proposition of the industry has moved to value beyond cost and today the Industry is providing end to end, Business transformation and platform based solutions. The industry has adopted a truly global delivery model and has grown in strength to strength not only in Voice processes but also in Analytics based solution, Supply chain management and proving business transformation services. The BPM Industry has set a vision of delivering USD 50 Bn of revenue by 2020. Interestingly, the total IT exports from India in 2009 was USD 50 Bn and within a span of one decade, the BPM Industry has matured to assume a prominent role in the total growth of IT Industry in the country.

BPM Council members

  • Chairman:Keshav Murugesh, WNS Global Services
  • Members:
  • Kannan Sundaresan, Accenture
  • Sandip Sen, Aegis global
  • Hanumant Talwar, Convergys
  • Rohit Kapoor, EXL Service
  • Mohit Thukral, Genpact
  • Pari Sadasivan, IBM Global process Services
  • V K Raman, TCS
  • Pavan Vaish, United Lex

As yet another step towards achieving the industry vision the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) announced the launch of the Business Process Management Council. Mr. Keshav Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS Global Services was appointed as the Chairman of the NASSCOM BPM Council 2013-15 in the presence of Mr. Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM.

The BPM Council envisions re-branding of the entire industry to connote the true value and impactful business outcomes it delivers for global clientele. It will work towards enabling India to lead as a preferred global BPM destination. India is already the hub for various vertical domains including the likes of Customer Interaction Services, F&A practice, Risk and Procurement analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Predictive analytics etc. The country houses over 200 Shared Services companies that provide cutting edge solutions. Many of the global corporations are now leveraging the India centres to manage the end-to-end customer process and manage the customer experience.

At the launch, the NASSCOM BPM Council highlighted that the immediate key focus area would be to boost the current BPM landscape and position India as a global and competitive BPM destination. The BPM Council will build a foundation around three core areas that will lay emphasis on strengthening the current BPM ecosystem, build centres of excellence and position India as a preferred destination for BPM services and solutions.

The council will lead the Industry-Government initiative towards establishing Business Process Management as a part of the regular course curriculum at the academic level (be it schools, colleges or universities).The council will also enable appropriate interfaces with other agencies and work towards building the overall ecosystem to develop the capability in the industry on spoken skills at the high school/undergraduate program.

Speaking on this occasion, Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM, said, “It is a pleasure to welcome Mr. Keshav Murugesh as the Chairman of the NASSCOM BPM Council. In the past one year, the BPM Council undertook several initiatives, among which re-branding the industry was the most notable highlights. As we move forward, NASSCOM is confident that the BPM Council along with a large number of industry leaders and Keshav at the helm will drive more such initiatives and bring success to the industry. We have also got a team of experiential entrepreneurs who along with Keshav are committed towards building a $45-50 Billion BPM industry by 2020.”

Talking about his new role as the Chairman of the BPM council, Mr. Keshav Murgugesh said, “I am looking forward to my new role as the Chairman of the NASSCOM BPM Council. I believe that the BPM industry has the potential to become one of the best career choices for youngsters in India and the world. The world needs to know of the transformation that has occurred within the industry and recognize the far-reaching effects it has had on our country and other global economies. The re-branding exercise, from BPO to BPM initiated last year will continue in full force to make sure that we are recognized for who we are and not allow myths to shape perceptions. Our initiatives will be targeted towards creating a world-class resource pool that will re-define the success of this industry.”

As per the NASSCOM–Mckinsey Perspectives 2020 report, the Indian BPM market is expected to reach USD 50 billion by 2020, driven by an increase in global consumer spends. India has been a frontrunner in the outsourcing industry. What started out as the BPO industry - delivering simple, mostly voice-based processes to global businesses is today a far more mature and sophisticated industry that delivers high-end solutions for managing key aspects of businesses. Transformation in the kind of services and value delivered to global clients today are powered by a number of factors such as higher emphasis on developing domain expertise, availability of highly skilled talent and enhanced use of cloud and mobility technologies. According to the present landscape, the total BPM Export from India is ~USD 18 billion. BPM growth has been driven by several factors - the primary ones being accelerated deployment of the Platform- based delivery models and building capabilities to deliver business transformation services.