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Change Management: Rebooting Software Industry for Tomorrow


Political uncertainties, the entry of robots into the workforce, and increasing demands for personalization of software are some of the largely unforeseen developments that are impacting India’s IT industry.

A strong case is emerging for this US$ 155 billion industry to change everything: business model, development/delivery practices, and ultimately, products. It is high time the industry turned its focus on change management and put the themes of adaptation, reflection, and curiosity into practice.

In this context, the 96th session of NASSCOM Product Forum is organised as a half-a-day seminar cum workshop on change management that will help the participants to know what it takes to:

  • 1. Revisit the Business Model
  • 2. Reinvent Development and Delivery Practices, and
  • 3. Redefine IT Products and Services.


  • Participants will understand the mechanisms of change management;
  • Ideate future business models, practices, and products/services
  • Get insights into leadership capabilities for change management
Venkatarangan Thirumalai

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