NASSCOM is happy to announce its first batch of the NASSCOM DeepTech Club. This is a program intended to promote the creation and evolution of world class DeepTech Startups.

NASSCOM has always focused on cutting edge technological advances. DeepTech would involve Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), AR/VR, Robotics, NLP and similar technologies.

DeepTech is the way of the future and requires focused attention, as against nurturing a conventional Tech startup. Focused attention for extended duration entails both theoretical knowhow and the practical handholding of DeepTech startups.

The DeepTech Club

The DeepTech Club will be a club of identified and curated DeepTech companies who will be recognized, nurtured and promoted by NASSCOM via various programs, platforms and events. The Club will have three segments.

  • Lab to Market

    Academic or research projects or companies currently being incubated in campus or research institutions

  • Pre-Revenue

    Companies in product development or not customer-validated yet

  • Post-Revenue

    Companies with customers using the product


DeepTech program mentee is a (co) founder who is passionate about building cutting edge technology, who is comfortable reading and applying journal papers in their chosen area. Your company is creating new IP technology and/or keen on adopting latest technologies – AI, ML, Robotics, Algorithms, Drone, AR/VR, Speech/Image, Cyptography etc.

Value Proposition
  • Enterprise Connect
    1. Leverage NASSCOM Programs to foster engagements with interested large corporates including global Banking and Financial Services, Technology, Retail, FMCG and other companies
    2. Connect with NASSCOM members to identify opportunities in acceleration, joint sales pitch, M&A and so on
  • Global Connects
    1. Explore opportunities to participate in special delegation to overseas markets
    2. Participate in global delegate sessions organized by NASSCOM in India
  • Global Expansion
    1. Mentoring and help in setting up base outside of India
    2. Help in recruiting relevant talent
    3. Help with market match making/customer connect opportunities
  • Investor Connect
    1. Help in getting ready for fund raising
    2. Connects to the right investors
    3. Mentoring in choosing the right funding strategy and target investors
  • Mentoring
    1. Advice on the right technology for your specific needs and access to MNC Tech companies (H/W and S/W for guidance)
    2. NASSCOM ecosystem assistance with respect to tech platform, practitioner perspective, access to test data, Cloud credits, Open APIs and much more
    3. Access to learnings from the Israel DeepTech ecosystem (from years of experience scaling, legal and success)
    4. Business strategy mentoring - Company building, organization culture, scaling, legal guidance, recruitment, connects etc.
  • Visibility
    1. Recognition as a member of the NASSCOM DeepTech Club
    2. Unleash the potential of various NASSCOM events - Product conclaves, Competitions, business connects
    3. Get featured in product made.in and get discovered easily by potential customers, investors and partners
NASSCOM DeepTech Club program will be conducted in 3 phases
  • Phase 1 - Application
  • Phase 2 - Shortlisting
  • Phase 3 - Onboarding

Startups will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Technical Depth
  • Business Value
  • Unique Idea/ Innovation
  • Adoption of Solution
  • Deep Acuity
  • All Go Vision
  • Appachhi
  • Digital Agents Interactive
  • in Feedo
  • Mashinga
  • MMYK
  • Reifier
  • Shape Crunch
  • Shop R 360 Degree
  • Merxius
  • Natural Text
  • Inito
  • Nayam Innovations
  • Ziroh Labs
  • Cyclops
  • Accelopt Network
  • Intellolabs
  • ZestIOT
  • Uncanny Vision
  • S & I Engineering Solutions
  • hughes-systique
  • How does the program work?
    At a high level, post your selection to the program, you will be assigned. The mentors will bring-in other experts as required from the NASSCOM ecosystem to help you understand and apply it to your business. You will be expected to discuss your current focus, technology landscape and roadmap with the mentor. Action items from the mentor are to be followed up and traction to be brought up for periodic review. Connect with the mentors will be either in person or virtual depending on the mentor & mentee convenience. Mentors are achievers in their own fields and are always stretched for time, and also are devoting this time for the greater good of the ecosystem – Mentees to ensure the sanctity of the program in terms of punctuality, attendance, follow ups, amicable and open to feedback etc. There will be no NDA/restrictions in IP for the entire program.
  • What to do in case of specific questions with respect to the program?
    For specific questions, please reach out us at deeptechclub@nasscom.in.
  • How do you enroll into this program?
    Please share details of your company to deeptechclub@nasscom.in. Post receiving your details, If selected, mentees will be notified by email about the next steps. We are envisioning a qualitative batches of not more than 20 selected companies.
Have a query? Need more information? Send us an email on deeptechclub@nasscom.in.