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Designing Meaningful Mobile Experiences


DesignNext is a one-day knowledge-imparting event that helps product owners and designers to understand what it takes to build a great mobile app. The training is conducted by the senior design and engineering team of Robosoft Technologies, a globally acclaimed mobility solutions company. Robosoft has designed & built over 1400 apps across platforms, with many apps popularly used in India and abroad. Robosoft a.ims to share their experience and knowledge of building mobile apps and believes that this will have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem of product management & mobile design.

The training will cover topics on product design philosophies, user experience principles, as well as design and engineering techniques that are essential in creating an app. The audience will also actively learn from actual case studies of apps that the trainers have personally worked on.

All in all, this is an event for everyone present in the app industry (proprietors, product managers, designers, and programmers) to get calibrated on how to unravel a great app in 2016.

Topics to be covered

  • Establishing the intent behind your app.
  • Deciding the perfect features for the first launch.
  • Perfectly designing the key journeys of your users.
  • Learn the aesthetic and functional principles that every great app embodies.
  • Delivering an excellent experience across platforms.
  • Using coding techniques that correctly render your app to life.
  • Q&A from the audience.

Who is it for ?

  • Product Managers
  • Designers
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Anyone who is either working or conceptualizing a product, primarily Mobile apps.

Dean Gonsalves

Dean Gonsalves
National Creative

Chetan Sharma
Mobile Strategist

Minella Dsouza
Mobile Strategist

Nilesh Singh
Design Director,

Noelle Mathew
Experience Designer,

Sudheer K Bhat
Software Architect,