“Crystal ball gazing: D&I in 2020 and beyond in a connected world”

The 10th Edition of the summit themed “Crystal Ball Gazing: D&I in 2020 and beyond in a connected world” urge organizations to redefine what they should aim for? The summit explores a triangle approach of conversations where we bring in – Enablers (conversations around legal and compliance framework, technology and thought leadership), Dilemmas (personal narratives from all walks of diversity and how organizational interventions have enabled them to climb up the ladder) and Disruptors (Using analytics to achieve new heights of D&I, Social connectedness to increase productivity at work, crowdsourcing approach to be truly inclusive etc.).

  • Suresh Narayanan
    Suresh Narayanan

    Chairman and Managing Director
    Nestle India Ltd.

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  • Krishnakumar Natarajan
    Krishnakumar Natarajan

    Executive Chairman

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  • Ankit Rajiv Jindal
    Ankit Rajiv Jindal

    Marketing Advisor
    NTT DATA Services

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  • Parvati Raghuram
    Parvati Raghuram

    Professor in Geography & Migration -
    Open University UK

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  • Ashish Sinha
    Ashish Sinha

    Country Head
    India Epsilon

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  • Lula Mohanty
    Lula Mohanty

    Vice President
    Sevices IBM

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  • Ravi Raman
    Ravi Raman

    COO - Infrahedge a
    Statestreet Company

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  • Kalyani Sekar
    Kalyani Sekar

    Managing Director and VP
    Verizon Data Services India

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  • Pankajam Sridevi
    Pankajam Sridevi

    Managing Director

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  • Yogen Karumbaya
    Yogen Karumbaya

    Centre Head
    Thomson Reuters

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  • Rama Sivaraman
    Rama Sivaraman

    Chief Operating Officer
    Polaris Consulting Services

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  • Amardeep Devadason
    Amardeep Devadason

    Senior Vice President
    RR Donnelley GBPO

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  • Nayana Udupi
    Nayana Udupi

    Marketing Executive
    Thought Works

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  • Nirmala Menon
    Nirmala Menon

    Founder & CEO
    Interweave Consulting

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  • Mansee Singhal
    Mansee Singhal


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  • Vesta Bovair
    Vesta Bovair

    Board Member & MD Global
    Operations - Swiss-re

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  • Grace Hoshie
    Grace Hoshie

    Board Member - Federal Bank India & First Source Solutions

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  • Godelieve Van Dooren
    Godelieve Van Dooren

    Industry Leader for APAC - Mercer

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  • Arathi Deo
    Arathi Deo

    Senior Manager (Machine Learning) - Amazon

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  • Suresh Ramdas
    Suresh Ramdas

    Project Manager & Head Pride ERG Chapter - HP Inc

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  • Udayan Dhar
    Udayan Dhar

    Founder - Mingle

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  • Sangeeta Gupta
    Sangeeta Gupta

    Senior Vice President - NASSCOM

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  • Dr. Sandhya Chintala
    Dr. Sandhya Chintala

    VP & Executive Director - NASSCOM Sector Skills Council

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  • K S Meenakshi
    K S Meenakshi

    Managing Director & Global HR Head - Credit Suisse

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  • Noazer Dalal
    Noazer Dalal

    COO- Tata Business Support Systems

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  • Sadhana Somasekhar
    Sadhana Somasekhar

    Founder - Zeus Career & Performance

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  • Pratap Reddy
    Pratap Reddy

    ADG of Police Crime Investigation Department, Karnataka Police

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  • Ritesh Rajani
    Ritesh Rajani

    Diversity Champion - IBM

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  • Vishal Agrawal
    Vishal Agrawal

    Trader - Standard Chartered

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  • Javed Abidi
    Javed Abidi

    Director NCPEDP, Founder Disability Rights Group

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  • Aaradhana Lal
    Aaradhana Lal

    Vice President Sustainability Services Lemon Tree Hotel Company

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  • Sreela Das Gupta
    Sreela Das Gupta

    Diversity Chanpion - TCS

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  • Pravin Tatavarti
    Pravin Tatavarti

    Managing Director, Allegis

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  • Pavithra Y S
    Pavithra Y S

    Managing Director, Vindhya Infotech

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  • Manickavelu

    Program Head- Assistive Technologies

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  • Mohan Sundaram
    Mohan Sundaram

    Business Leadership

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  • Dipesh Sutariya
    Dipesh Sutariya

    Managing Director Enable India Solutions

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  • Arindam Banerrji
    Arindam Banerrji

    Partner, & FS Lead Partner for Global Inhouse Centers

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  • Mahesh Srinivasan
    Mahesh Srinivasan

    Head- Talen Acquisition Fidelity India

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  • Anshu Gupta
    Anshu Gupta

    Head- Partner Platform Paypal

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  • Shantha Maheshwari
    Shantha Maheshwari

    MD Products Industry Portfolio - Accenture

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  • Shankar Annaswamy
    Shankar Annaswamy

    former MD India IBM & Board HCG and IndusInd Bank

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  • Priya Krishnan
    Priya Krishnan

    CEO Founding Years Learning Solutions

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  • Dr. Medha Samant
    Dr. Medha Samant

    Founder Annapurna Pariwar

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  • Meenakshi Dewan
    Meenakshi Dewan

    Centre Director & Sustainability Leader, HSBC India

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  • Srinivasan Ramaswami
    Srinivasan Ramaswami

    Chief of Staff, Intuit

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  • Vidya Lakshmi
    Vidya Lakshmi

    MD & Head HR Goldman Sachs India

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  • Asha Poulose Johnson
    Asha Poulose Johnson

    Chief Information Officer, GE Power Services, South Asia

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  • Kavitha Babu
    Kavitha Babu

    Director and Commercial Attorney - Corporate, External & Legal Affairs, Microsoft, India.

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  • Sreekanth K Arimanithaya
    Sreekanth K Arimanithaya

    Managing Director, India & Global Head- Workforce Management at CSC

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  • Thawar Chand Gehlot
    Thawar Chand Gehlot

    Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Incumbent

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  • Rosalee Kombial
    Rosalee Kombial

    Associate Vice President - People Function

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  • Tapan Rayaguru
    Tapan Rayaguru

    Senior Vice President - Business Analytics and Research at Fidelity Investments

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  • Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma

    Practice Lead at Fidelity Investments

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  • Ramkrishna Sinha
    Ramkrishna Sinha

    D&I Consultant & Graphics Hardware Engineer Intel

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