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Category: Social Innovation: Market facing (Shortlisted)

Product / Solution Name: ICT Interventions in Experiential Marketing

Innovation Imperative:The common strategies used by any enterprise for Marketing any product or service is using traditional methods of Advertising / PR and new age Digital media strategies.

At EDC, we believe using ICT intervention to create “Experiential Delight” to prospects of a Product and Service. We believe this strategy will fulfill a long pending unmet need of a Business Enterprise.

Brief overview of the Innovation: At EDC, we realized a right interplay of Technology, Media programming and Interactivity can create a whole realm of experience for a product or service. Typically customer delight is experienced after a product/service is purchased and our key focus was to bring out this aspect before a purchase decision is made and hence build more business traction for a product or service. EDC has been offering turnkey expertise in the conceptualization, design, development & implementation of interactive/digital museums and experience centers since 2000.

Our approach to this service is based on proven and effective ICT models adopted around the world in successful scientific interactive Experience Centers design


  • Informative – The treatment of information/topics/content is fresh, lively and brief with a leaning on interactive delivery and highly communicative 3D technologies.
  • Interactive –Loads of interactive models, multimedia content & programming to engage the visitor and create the much desired experience & learning environment.
  • Innovative – The use of first in class technologies like – Passive 3D – lenticular technology screens, Interactive walls and other sensor driven intelligent programming to drive content and interaction for visitor involvement and learning.
  • Media mix – An ideal mix of multimedia technology, design and programming with smart devices used appropriately to achieve a balance between information, education and edutainment communicated across the museum.
  • Presentation & aesthetics – The treatment of lighting, interior design, housing cabinets, displays and projection systems to suite the architecture and layout of the raw space and blend with the theme and creative design treatment to create a visually dramatic experience.
  • In our centres, learning is multisensory, and the use of digital technologies and interactive content and exhibits support many learning styles and abilities. Exhibits are visually exciting and most have a text to help explain what is going on.Our digital technologies developed for museums and interactive learning use interesting kinetic experiences utilize powerful 3D content and technologies, involve spatial relationships and intriguing sounds as well as text and images.

The cardinal feature of these new Experience Centers has been the development of interactive exhibits, 3D technology and educational programming keyed to the idea that learning is an active enterprise. Our unique approach with a blend of creativity & technology expertise with the right blend.

Benefits to the customer:

By creating an experience center for a product or a service, businesses can promote aggressively even intangible product or service. For example we are involved in creating an experience centre for a leading IT company to showcase their key products and services in an Interactive and Immersive approach-we simulate virtual and real interactive models to showcase fleet management product.
Business Opportunity:

At EDC, we view Experience Centers & Museums as a vast canvas – a fine milieu for the confluence of the various competencies that we bring to the table – creativity, technology, domain knowledge and project management. As with everything that we do, ensuring the promise of rich user experiences constitutes the cornerstone of every concept, contraption and creation.