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Emerging Technology Trends and Impact on Product Development


Dear All,

We are pleased to invite you to our 94th session of NASSCOM Product Forum at Chennai and Welcome you to the Emerging Technology Series.

We plan to bring you talks/discussion/demos of technology that impact the next generation of products/applications/jobs and skills.

We plan to talk about ChatBots - intelligent conversational agents. We will take a look at what Chatots are, why they may end up being the new user interface to applications and how to build one for your business.

We will take a peek at the tech that powers the bots - AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. We will take a look at the eco-system discuss the skills your organizations need to build Chat Bots (also known as Virtual Agents).


We look forward to your valuable participation.

Best Regards,
R. Senthil Kumar

1500 hrs - 1530 hrs Registration
1530 hrs - 1545 hrs Welcome Address & Introduction of the Speaker followed by Participants
1545 hrs - 1715 hrs Expert Talk by Mr. Dorai Thodla with Q&A
1715 hrs Onwards Conclusion and Networking Hi Tea


Dorai Thodla is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded two companies in India and two in US. Starting as a consulting company, his companies moved from services to products and augmented products with services. He currently helps companies bootstrap product initiatives, advises companies on product and market strategies (mostly selling in US). He strongly believes that building a product innovation culture in a company will help services businesses. His company tracks several emerging technology trends including Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing and opportunity mapping. He spends half his time in US and the other half in India.

In addition to running a product company, he is part of:
1. Start-up Special Interest Group at TiE Chennai
2. Mentors a few Product companies
3. Chief mentor of Innovation Cell at KCG College of Technology and Hindustan University in Chennai
4. Codes for fun when he has free time and spends a lot of time mentoring students