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Find out the real meaning of GROWTH


The old rules now need to make way for the new. They can no longer keep up with the market that is changing faster than the weather. Trends and opportunities disappear faster than they appear.

Let's meet and hear what the experts have to say and learn about what makes a growth hacker!


This hands on workshop will help you learn - Digital Marketing 101, its best practices and specific hacks to grow your business. We will cover basics of Digital Marketing in Search, Social, and Email. After that we discuss few best practices and growth hacks (that currently work), for each of the tactic. The workshop is conducted in hands-on manner, and each session we take live examples from the audience and do an in-depth analysis for that website based on matter learnt just discussed.

The workshop also delves deeper into A/B testing and Conversion optimization for websites. We cover a quick framework to make a Marketing plan for your business.

The ideal audience for this workshop is Consumer Internet & SAAS companies. But, any company that does lead generation and online digital customer acquisition would benefit.

1) Ice- Breaker Section

a. How to Make a Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

b. Tips on Conversion Optimization for your Website (Live)

c. A/B Testing & Best Practices

Digital Marketing Tactics

2) Search – Organic

a. Organic Search Basics

b. Content Marketing

c. Best Practices and Hacks

3) Search – Paid Search

a. Paid Search/Adwords Basic

b. Adword Account Audit (live)

c. Hacks in Paid Search / Display Advertising/Retargeting

4) Email Marketing

a. Drip Marketing Campaigns

b. How to Build a Database

c. Best Practices and Hacks

5) Social Media Marketing – Facebook & Twitter

a. How to Build a Community

b. Customer Acquisition in Facebook – PPC, Content Approach

c. Twitter – Community Building and Conversation Marketing

d. Hacks and best practices

Ravi Trivedi
Srijan Capital, Managing Partner

Ravi Trivedi, Possibillion, Srijan Capital, Managing Partner Ravi is a Digital Marketer, an investor and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Srijan Capital, which is focused on incubation and angel investments.

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Ayyappa Nagubandi
Possibillion, Co-Founder & CEO
Ayyappa Nagubandi, Possibillion, Co-Founder & CEO

A thinker, entrepreneur, and an inventor, Ayyappa is the Co - founder and CEO of Possibillion Technologies.

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Ravi Jain
Gen Y Medium

Ravi Jain co-founded GenY Medium, a full-service digital marketing firm 3 years back and has grown it into a 50 people organization.

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Ambika Das

Ambika has over 18 Years of industry experience and have worked with customers in more than 15 Countries.

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