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Category: Promising Innovation (Shortlisted)

Product / Solution Name: Indigenous Underwater – Tank Cleaning Robot

Innovation Imperative:

India and many developing countries like India where majority of the population is below poverty line cannot afford costly devices to purify the water for their regular use. Another problem is that there is not much water available per individual.
This creates a fundamental problem – which is scarcity if usable water. Thus people have to store water in big tanks which are also house to numerous diseases because of hygienic issues.
With our innovation the tanks which store the water made fit for usage by cleaning them without much wastage of water.

Brief overview of the Innovation:

We are a technology company and innovate new and effective methods to minimize the human intervention for dirty – dangerous and dull kind of work. We have developed underwater operations robot – which can solve one of the fundamental problems of clean and potable water to the people – by cleaning the water storage tanks – municipal water tanks and many other such storage tanks which store water for long time and get sludge deposition at the bottom of the tanks.

Benefits to the customer:

People learn to understand the importance of cleanliness and water saving. It saves people from various water related diseases as well – by ensuring they are drinking and using potable water. The company has been growing exponentially both in terms of market share and technological capabilities. Today we have more than 30 products which are commercial offerings. According to the company, the product line involves robots for home use, underwater robots, and surveillance and automation products. The robots used at home and hospitality robots are being manufactured under the gBOT series. Recently, it has developed a product christened as SaUsR that can go underwater and clean water or chemical tanks, and this low-cost robot will remove any sludge particles in water.

Also, as stated by the company it is a compact machine with tracks fitted movement and has a drive system on the front side to which a brush mechanism is attached to scratch dirt from the tank walls. This robot is a consumer version of SaUsR, the robot that is already in use in medicine industries. These robots are targeted at those who make medicines. The company’s earlier products include – The Turtle – an educational robot, autoGRID, gridSURV (provide fully autonomous surveillance round the clock) and many more. According to the company, however, the prices of its robots vary as per the functionality and its level of sophistication. As a part of product strategy, Gridbots will function as a firm with two segments of products, one in Robotics and the other in Image recognition
All our products have been designed keeping the user in the mind and the specific problems they face. The company's few of the targeted customers include the educational institutions, stock photographic websites, analytic industry (television, and so on) and the photography houses.

Business Opportunity:

Manufacturing Industries store a lot of water as a coolant or raw material – They can not dispose off that huge quantity of water to clean the storage tanks.

Municipal corporations have underground and over ground water tanks which need cleaning.

Building societies and other residential colonies need water tanks cleaning.
Thus there is a huge demand for water tank cleaning robot and there exists no such solution till date which addresses this problem.