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How you can ensure product scale-ability and performance while racing to meet market needs?


We are pleased to invite you for a Webinar on "How you can ensure product scale-ability and performance while racing to meet market needs" on Wednesday, 25th June, 2014 between 11.00 am to 12.00 pm.

Software Product Development companies today work in a high-speed, dynamic and challenging environment. Starting with an idea, you need to build a Minimum Viable Product that you can take to the market for feedback, then incorporate user feedback, while still being ready to launch before competition. In this situation, how can you ensure that your products are reliable, scale-able and secure? The secret is in following the best practices of product engineering.

In this webinar, Atul Narkhede, CTO, GS Lab, will discuss how products need to be designed and engineered to ensure flexibility, performance, security and customer support.

Some of the topics that would be discussed are:

  • What does it mean to have a scale-able product?
  • How can loosely coupled architecture help evolve your product faster?
  • How do you analyse usage of your product using 3rd party analytics engines?
  • How to build lead generation into your product
  • How to ensure product reliability with 24X7 monitoring?

Atul will share insights gained while developing multiple products for several customers.

Looking forward to your active participation for this webinar.

Atul Narkhede

Atul Narkhede
Chief Technology Officer,
GS Lab

Atul is responsible for creating GS Lab technology assets that help customers achieve their goals efficiently. Prior to GS Lab, as the Fellow at Strand Genomics, Atul architected and delivered flagship products for mining and visualization of large scale scientific data.Prior to Strand, Atul worked as the Chief Architect at Tessera Systems where he developed infrastructure products with distributed web services.

While at Silicon Graphics, California, Atul designed and developed core geometry software and microcode for the high-end SGI graphics hardware. Atul is an IIT Bombay B.Tech. CS and a University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) M. S. in computer graphics.