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Mapping the Experience & Orchestrating Touchpoints


Experience mapping is a strategic process of capturing and communicating complex customer interactions. The activity of mapping builds knowledge and consensus across your organization, and the map helps build seamless customer experiences. 

As services become more interconnected across channels & devices-and more importantly across time and space - it's becoming increasingly important to find ways to gain insight about customers' interactions with your product or service. 

In this workshop, we'll focus on the power and peril of the touchpoint-where customers connect with your product or service, and we'll show how to map the customer journey across touchpoints and channels. We'll explore how every occasion where your organization touches or connects with a person's life is meaningful and endearing. 


Learn how to examine the full view of your users' journey and draw a blueprint of those interactions at this half day mini-workshop. Learn the characteristics of touchpoints, so you can define and deliver Endearing Experiences around your products or services. 

In this workshop, you'll learn how to

  • Get everyone involved in identefying touchpoints
  • Visually describe what the user's journey looks like
  • Tell stories & crafts narratives from the user's point of view
  • Use mapping as a catalyst to discuss organizational goals
  • Orient teams around a shared understanding of the customer journey
  • Take back Experience Mapping as a strategic process into your organisatio!

Bhanu Potta
Bhanu Potta is a board advisor, global product leader, entrepreneur and development enthusiast

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