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Marketing & Product Development in the Digital Era


We are pleased to invite you to the 78th session of NASSCOM Product Forum at Coimbatore.

Digital and social media offer an irresistible opportunity for software companies to engage customers so as to develop and market products. However companies have to equip themselves to do engagement marketing and co-creation using different digital platforms.

This workshop on Marketing & Product Development in the Digital Era will help participants understand the true potential of digital/social technologies for business, and offer insights into skill development and team organization that are required for them to conceive and execute digital strategies.

The workshop is conceived for the benefit of software product development and software services companies who are trying to establish a vibrant online presence and effectively utilize digital media for marketing and innovation. The workshop will cover the following subjects:

Engagement Marketing using Digital & Social Media

  • Co-Creation with Connected Customer
  • Strategies for Promotion of Online Communities

Will feature presentations, worksheet exercises, and group discussions on brand building, product development/innovation, marketing, customer service/support, community development, the digital & social way.

We look forward to your valuable participation.


1400 hrs – 1415 hrs

1415 hrs – 1430 hrs
Welcome Address by NASSCOM followed by participants brief introduction

1430 hrs – 1600 hrs
Workshop on Marketing & Product Development in the Digital Era by Mr. G Sankaranarayanan, Managing Partner, Younomy Consultants

1600 hrs – 1615 hrs
Tea / Coffee Break

1615 hrs – 1745 hrs
Workshop Continues

1745 hrs – 1800 hrs
Q&A followed by Conclusion and Vote of Thanks

G Sankaranarayanan is the managing partner of Younomy Consultants, a management consulting and training services company. Sankar was a business journalist with fifteen plus years of experience. Before starting Younomy, he worked as a freelance writer, and brand/PR consultant for companies and industry bodies.

Sankar has authored two books - his first book, The CoCreation Roadmap: Six Steps to Tap the Wisdom of Crowds deals with ideas on developing a co-creation strategy. His second book: Facebook, Twitter and a Pair of Shoes promotes new thinking on social technology, and how it can be used to humanize, socialize, and democratize business.

Sankar is passionate about writing, training and conducting workshops on various management and innovation topics. He has created about a dozen ideation frameworks. He runs a weekly newsletter on people, product, and business that has a growing readers base.