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The gaming forum came into existence 6 years back to come together on a common platform to share best practices and knowledge both from the business and the development perspective. Vision and Mission To build India as the hub for gaming Improve the industry-government interface and collaboration Enhance international outreach and access The Gaming Forum has five active city chapters – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad,...

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NGF Mentoring Initiative

M & MS PROGRAM - NGF Mentoring Initiative

Rishikanth Somayaji
on January 21, 2017 23:59

Kavita Arora
on January 21, 2017 23:44
Are you interested in getting some hands on knowledge with the Internet of Things (IoT)? Join us during the Republic Day Long Weekend here in Bangalore for our latest IoT Bootcamp! We have more hardware, more software, more IoT than before :) Please sign up! and do help spread the word too :D https://www.facebook.com/events/749195315243645/
Ravinder Bareddy
on January 21, 2017 22:08
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igames.bottleshoot Bottle Shoot 3D Game Expert is a realistic Bottle shooting game with crystal glass braking sound effects and animation. High quality graphics and aiming bottles to shoot will make you play the game for hours! Bottle Shoot 3D Game Expert is a new bottle blast game with classical touch game-play. You can enjoy the bottle shoot sound and special effects while playing this action game. Have an unlimited fun playing this shooting game with some expert levels, which would be highly challenge-able. Its Fun.I love because i can shoot Bottles in When They move i can not shoot. When They move but you will get it at one point. That I why I like this game. So so so so so so so so much.you want learn gun shooting, here you can learn with this game. It’s highly recommended for fun loving shooter and those who are looking for real shooting simulation game. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igames.bottleshoot
Alejandro Jeroz
on January 15, 2017 02:32
Hi Guys! We've launched a new update with new missions, more content & more fun !!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oneeyeant.sweetmeat https://itunes.apple.com/app/sweet-meat/id1140314217 Please, we'd love your feedback. #gamedev #madewithunity #screenshotsaturday #games
Rishikanth Somayaji
on January 21, 2017 20:43
Watch out peoplezzz!!!!
Rishikanth Somayaji
on January 21, 2017 15:59
and we have a lot happening... Thank you Dhruva Interactive for being such a great host and making sure we're fed on time and stay healthy!!! #ggj17 #ggjblr17 #ggjindia
Alap Soni
on January 21, 2017 16:55
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roulette.roulette&hl=en #casino #Roulette #gambling #frenchstyle #game #casinogame
Playizzon Apps
on January 20, 2017 23:27
Sachin Tendulkar MAKES A STUNNING DEBUT IN THE GAMING WORLD #sachinsagawarmUp We, Playizzon, India's First Celebrity Gaming Company are proud to launch "Sachin Saga Warm Up", The Official Prequel to the Much awaited Sachin Saga. Come join the cricketing community and play with your fellow fans all over the world and make this a rewarding experience. Click here to Download now http://bit.ly/sachinsagawarmup #sachinsagawarmup #sachinsaga #playizzon #cricket #gaming #android
Sumita Das
on January 21, 2017 15:15
Vocabulary Booster: Your ultimate guide to increase vocabulary. Features: - 1600+ most important words with meanings targeted for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT, TOEFL, ILETS exam prep. - Displays lexical categories: Noun / Adjective / Verb / Adverb / Preposition / Conjunction / Interjection. - Hear the words with meanings. For Text-To-Speech, TTS Engine need to be installed on your handset. - Add words to your favorite list. - Add/Edit your own words with meanings. - This App allows you to use the Speech-To-Text button to enter meaning. No need to type. - Allows you to search the words in a dictionary type application. - Suggested words are given as you type so don’t worry if you’re not sure of the spelling. - Restore words to the original list, if required. - Clean and simple User Interface. - Only 2 MB. - Absolutely free! Download from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sandatasystems.vocabularybooster Please support us by giving a 5-star rating. :) Thank you.
Nalin Savara
on January 21, 2017 05:59
‪#ggj17 at noida #nasscom what were u thinking ? 25 registered attendees including female attendee and just 5 blankets!
Vishak Saleen
on January 21, 2017 07:06
#startupyou #saarang #8year #child
Kinshuk Sunil
on January 21, 2017 00:12

Shruti Verma
on January 20, 2017 19:24
#GGJ17 underway in Noida
Dilip Thomas
on January 20, 2017 18:51
Hire unity #developers for your #game project at low cost. Contact Here: http://bit.ly/2aZvJ43
Rishikanth Somayaji
on January 20, 2017 18:01
Here we go!!!!
Matt Suckley
on January 20, 2017 15:04
Predicting the Indian games industry trends of 2017
Vaibhav Chavan
on January 20, 2017 14:27
Fellas, Ultimate Parking Simulator from UnderDOGS Gaming Studio is live and featured on iOS App Store Download, play, review and give us some feedback, would really appreciate the same. We won "Best upcoming game of the year" and "Best Pitch RunnerUp for gamesbond " at Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2016
Nipun Tyson
on January 20, 2017 09:27
Hey, thanks for getting connected. I am an indie game developer trying to make a difference👩‍💻. Help me my way through. Download my new game 🕹️ "Spidey Escape" which is a survival adventure game. It's out on Google Play. 🎮 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TysonGames.SpideyEscape 🎮 Sorry for the inconvenience. Peace out✌️please download and play
Deepak Ojha
on January 20, 2017 00:20
Ronnie Screwvala's ambitious project to get over 100 crore investment. Digital gaming gets its first share of attention.
Ayush Chauhan
on January 19, 2017 18:19
We are finally doing Video Casts. Where we will sit down with people and talk gaming. In out first episode we talk piracy, WWE2K17, Scalebound and of course Chris Jericho.
Ayush Chauhan
on January 18, 2017 17:33
What games made you go #GOTY this year. Take your pick from Overwatch, Oxenfree, Uncharted 4, DOOM, Witcher 3 Blood and Wine and Final Fantasy XV
Shruti Verma
on January 11, 2017 16:25
If you are in Bangalore, you should attend the workshop on Game Maker by Joel Johnson and Yadu Rajiv this sunday.
Aniket Majumdar
on January 18, 2017 08:55
So I recently talked to Himanshu Manwani about their first official release on iOS and Steam.
Satyajit Chakraborty
on January 17, 2017 16:19

Ashley Kidwell
on January 17, 2017 16:15
If you are planning to develop a #mobilegame for your company then you are in the right place. As one of the leading mobile game and mobile application development companies in India and with the experience of developing more than 1000+ apps for global customers, we’ll help you to develop an incredible mobile game. We provide services like #Android and iPad application development in India and USA. To hire our experienced mobile game developers you can easily reach us at www.radikal-labs.com/contact





NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2015
Venue: Westin,Pune

The conference brings together Indian Gaming industry in one place. 

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