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The gaming forum came into existence 6 years back to come together on a common platform to share best practices and knowledge both from the business and the development perspective. Vision and Mission To build India as the hub for gaming Improve the industry-government interface and collaboration Enhance international outreach and access The Gaming Forum has five active city chapters – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad,...

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NGF Mentoring Initiative

M & MS PROGRAM - NGF Mentoring Initiative

Manas Joy
on February 11, 2016 13:04

Blake Merriam
on February 12, 2016 00:25

Japheth Dillman
on February 12, 2016 00:12
Hey Gang, I've co-authored a white paper on ASO strategies. Check it out here:
Deepak P
on February 11, 2016 19:00
Dear Folks, Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. presents the Official Game for the #Feb12 release movie #JilJungJuk. Hope you all like it!
Ronak Punj
on February 11, 2016 12:02
Go head to head with the gamers near you. Prove your Metal in a fight to the death. Step into the zone and rise as the champion amongst the gamers in the great city of Mumbai. Follow the link below to register http://goo.gl/forms/9Ti9D3GfKw
Mortido Elena Kolomina
on February 11, 2016 11:38
The work on the #indiegame #Mortido proceeds ... new sketches!!! "It seemed to me that the time here was sharp and going on only for those, who got it as a present..." https://www.facebook.com/csmortido/
Dilip Arjun
on February 11, 2016 09:25
Weloadin's first Game is finally out ..Download now...FUN GUARANTEED. Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.Weloadin.TrippyTrap&hl=en iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/trippy-trap/id1065316241?mt=8
Suvadeep Nandi Roy
on February 11, 2016 08:46

Mortido Elena Kolomina
on February 10, 2016 23:34
...#indiegame #Mortido... "I want you to remember that all the worlds have their rules, the rules we get used to break...and after all we will pay for everything..." https://www.facebook.com/csmortido/
Beschi Mario Royston
on February 10, 2016 23:19
Weloadin 's first game is finally out ..Download now...PLAY, RATE & REVIEW..... Thank U All... Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.Weloadin.TrippyTrap&hl=en iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/trippy-trap/id1065316241?mt=8 Let's get Trippy....
Gaurav Agarwal
on February 10, 2016 20:21
Looking to hire HTML5 game developers for Gamezop. Experience with Construct, Phaser, Cocos2d, and / or other game engines is a big plus. Gamezop is a seed funded startup that allows people to play smartphone games without installing apps. It's a team of 7 at this point and has won 10 national level business events since inception, including those at major IITs. The team has also been selected to represent India at a product showcase at Microsoft office in Redmond, Washington co-hosted by Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business Please PM or mail on g@gamezop.co if you are keen.
Niranjan Rao
on February 10, 2016 19:22

Neha Sharma
on February 10, 2016 17:18
Here’s introducing sumHR’s latest Gamification of HR. This feature will not only boost your employees’ performance but also encourages healthy competition amongst them. Get a FREE demo and explore more at signup.sumhr.com
Sid Zeal
on February 10, 2016 14:29
We are on Steam Greenlight - Support the game by voting here - Thanks a lot for supporting us to get on steam. Will be happy to see your contribution in the discussion tab :)
Mortido Elena Kolomina
on February 10, 2016 13:35
character of the #indiegame #Mortido ...CLEO...change appearance "I can’t get used to my body. My first steps gave me understand that I am already dead..." https://www.facebook.com/csmortido/
Reshma Parab
on February 10, 2016 12:03
We are Hiring!!! Apply Soon!!! 1) Web Developers 2) Web Designers 3)Unity 3d Game Developers Location: Kandivali, Mumbai To apply: Send your resume on jobs@duchsoft.com Or call on 7208075592
Nilesh Gawade
on February 4, 2016 18:04
After Grand success of "Singh is Bling movie game" Aaryavarta Technologies developed new movie game for sunny deols "Ghayal Once Again" Google play link:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funongo.ghayalonceagain IOS Link:-https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-game-ghayal-once-again/id1080989914?ls=1&mt=8 windows phone 8 link:-https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/ghayal-once-again-the-game/9nblggh5qd3w
Manjunath Chidre
on February 10, 2016 10:23
Hello friends and student, Subscribe, like, comment and share with your friends and students. I have uploaded new 18 tutorials to "C# with Unity-Behind The Scenes" for the absolute beginners playlist. 135. Method overriding for flexible coding. 134. Simulation of home appliances example. 133. Data member hiding and hiding Member method . 132. Member hiding. 131. Access modifiers, private, protected, public, internal, and protected internal. 130. Understanding relationship between derived class and base class reference. 129. Type casting with respect to inheritance. 128. this vs base keyword. 127. Constructor Chaining. 126. Managed plugins. DLL file creation. 125. Single and Multi level inheritance. 124. Intro to Inheritance. 123. Intro to UML for games. 122. C# OOPs concepts. 121. Cross product, Projection Vector. 120. Everything about Vector2 and Vector3. 119. How Rigidbody2d.AddForce() works? 118. Coding f = ma 117. Newton's Laws of Motion. 116. gravity and projectile motion. 115. De-acceleration and reverse gear. 114. Position, velocity and acceleration vectors. 113. Implementing viewing distance and angle. 112. Checking whether an object is behind, front or beside of another object. 111. Finding the angle between 2 vectors. 110. Comparing our Vector2D and unity's Vector2 structures. 109. Dot product continued... with example. 108. Dot product. 107. Global Vs. Local coordinate systems. 106. Overloading * operator for scaling a vector. 105. Vector2.normalized , Vector2.Normalize() continued... 104. Vector2.normalized , Vector2.Normalize() method. 103. Vector2.Distance(Vector2 a,Vector2 b) method. 102. Distance or Direction vector. 101. Flipping vector for horizontal movement of gameobject. 100. Vector Subtraction, Vector Negation. 99. Operator Overloading. Overloading Binary + Operator. 98. Static keyword continued.... 97. Static members and Rules, When to create static members 96. Static Members with respect to class and structures. 95. Need for Operator Overloading. 94. Vector Addition. 93. Find magnitude, angle of vector. 92. Creating Vector2D structure. 91. Scalars and Vectors. Previous Videos: 90. Review Five - Congratulations! 89. AABB collision continued... 88. AABB Collision. Rectangle Design. 87. When to use structure and when to use class. 86. Final code flow of execution continued. 85. Final Code for Circle Collision. 84. Code analysis to get better solution. 83. Circle class has a Point class. Flow of execution. 82. has a relation ship between classes. 81. Circle Collision. Circle Design. 80. Solving distance between 2points with properties. 79. Solving distance between 2points with properties. 78. Creating regions, properties and behaviors. 77. Accessor methods with all designs. 76. Difference between ref and out revisited. 75. Implementing accessor methods in C#. 74. Designs rectangle, vector2D and vector3D. 73. Identifying designs, converting to codes. 72. value types(structures) Vs. References (classes). 71. Copy constructor. 70. Default and Parameterised constructors. 69. Structures Vs. Classes. 68. Class and objects. 68. Structures. 67. Steps to analyse any given problem. 66. Why structures and classes? 65. Review Four : Congratulations ! 64. Get Length, angle, xDistance and yDistance methods. 63. Passing arrays to functions. More about angles. 62. Circular Motion , Use of frequency and amplitude. Arrays. 61. Flipping and Scaling functions. 60. Manipulating functions, Shift left, right , up and down. 59. Trig functions Sine and Cosine. 58. Importance of plotting graphs f(x)=2,f(x)=x,f(x)=square(x) 57. Functions in terms of Math. 56. Expanding recursive trees, Fact and Fib e.g programs. 55. Recursive methods, with example programs. 54. Function / Method overloading with real time example. 53. Creating our self Math.Max like method. Default values use. 52. params keyword ie. variable length args. 51. Swapping two numbers using ref and out keywords. 50. When to use pass by ref and pass by out in C#. 49. Different kinds of parameter passing mechanisms in C#. 48. Different kinds of methods in C#. 47. Creating methods and management of call stack. 46. Scope of variable, Methods in C#. 45. Review - 3 : Congratulations ! 44. Arrays - X: Quick ways to create 3D game level design using 3D arrays. 43. Arrays - |X: Quick ways to create 2D game level design using 2D arrays. 42. Arrays - X : Addition of two matrices and more. 41. Arrays - |X : Different ways of creating and initializing 2D arrays. 40. Arrays - VIII: Searching and Sorting with arrays. 39, Arrays - VII: Finding sum of two arrays and swapping two arrays. 38: Arrays - VI: Different ways of calculating X and Y position of placed imgs. 37. Arrays - V: Using analyzed number series in placement of images. 36: Arrays - IV: Analyzing number series, addition of array elements. 35. Arrays - III: Traversing or processing arrays. 34. Arrays - II: Accessing array members. 33. Arrays - I: What and why arrays. 32. Review Two - Congratulations ! 31. Control Statements - XI : Example programs. 30. Control Statements - X : Sprite Sheet / Tile Map processing. 29. Control Statements - IX: Nested loops and their use. 28. Control Statements - VIII: when to use for, while & dowhile 27. Control Statements - VII: Jumping: break, continue 26. Control Statements - VI: forward , reverse for loop 25. Control Statements - V: Iterative : for , while, do while 24. Control Statements - IV: When to use if, switch statements. 23. Control Statements - III: Use of switch case. 22. Control Statements - II : if and if else. 21. Control Statements - I : Types of Control statements - Why! 20. Review One. Congratulations! 19. Formulas To Codes in C#. 18. String Class and Its Methods. 17. Mathf Structure in Unity. Mathematical Functions. 16. Evaluating Expressions, Precedence & Associativity. 15. Increment, Decrements and Bit wise Operators. 14. Assignment and Short Hand Assignment operators. 13. Arithmetic, Relational, Logical and conditional operators. 12. Operators in C# - I : Different types of Operators. 11. Data Types in C# - IV : Type Casting. 10. Data Types in C# - III : Importance of default values. 09. Data Types in C# - II : Creating different types of variables. 08. Data Types in C# - I : Different data types in C#. 07. Debugging Or Tracing. 06. Variables Vs. Constants. 05. Comments and Log Method. 04. Assembly Browser. 03. Print Vs. Log Method. 02. Mono Behavior Class. 01. Creating a Project in Unity. Keep learning, Keep coding and Keep sharing. Follow the link:
Ayush Chauhan
on February 9, 2016 22:35
We sat down with Taral Patel from GameEon and asked him about the present, future and some random stuff about gaming.
Sidharth Iyer
on February 9, 2016 16:20
Ever since I can remember, I have always had my way with words... I sometime even joke that I must have been holding a pen and pad when I was in my mother's womb... It has always been a dream to create a platform/brand/product that serves varied content from diverse fields of interest - all at one destination... You might be thinking there are 100s or probably 1000s of those out there, but MediaWale is slightly different in its approach. HOW? For one, the content is going to be entirely "crowdsourced", what that means is, be it a budding journalist or an established one, or even if you haven't ever really written anything ever; this platform provides you an opportunity to opine on varied topics across various industries. WHY? The world needs to be made aware of facts and occurrences, which are sometimes more often than not brushed under the carpet for varied reasons and interests. This is one place where you can openly express and write about things the way they are without any vested interests. Mission: To bring to the world a platform to discover unbiased comments, views, insights, analysis and more on various industry verticals. So, what are you waiting for... let the musings begin! And remember, the power is always in your hand! Send your write-ups to sidharthi@mediawale.in "Your craft is a muscle. You must develop it through the exercise of daily writing."
Rishi Alwani
on February 9, 2016 14:08
The creative process behind EA-published "indie" Unravel.
Ram Prakash
on February 9, 2016 14:27
PES 2016 ROAD TO MILAN QUALIFIERS TO BE HELD IN FOUR INDIAN CITIES Vellore Kolkata Hyderabad Chennai http://on.fb.me/1PimfKM Register your team guys
Sharatchandra Aithal
on February 9, 2016 13:56
Check out the preview for our Archviz [VR Enabled] Solution EyE-RiS ! Like, Share and Comment guys! - Krayonik
Ram Prakash
on February 9, 2016 12:50

Miihir A Shah
on February 9, 2016 12:03
Hello Friends, PopBalloonBlast Our new game for all age group, touch base game with real fun. Pop Balloon Blast is a simple and fully entertaining game, for all game groups Would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve.





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