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PMX: Value Platform Workshop


Taking a new or existing product to the market is a whole new game than translating need into a product. Aspects such as translating the product into value in the minds of customers, positioning with respect to available alternatives in the markets, ensuring access to the product when the customer wants to buy and creating price points that communicate value for the user and thus translate into sales of the product are all critical. This needs to be accompanied with a strong understanding of the buyer psychology. The buying process, routes to purchase decision differ between consumers and enterprise.

This workshop will give a comprehensive overview of how to take a product to market and considerations for an effective go to market strategy along with some in depth case studies. This workshop will focus more on strategic aspects before the product is launched in the market rather than tactical aspects of executing marketing campaigns. It is more suited for professionals who want to know more about product marketing and learn from the masters.

Module 1

Product marketing 101, evolution of the 5Cs and 4Ps

  1. Elements of an effective GTM strategy
  2. Getting positioning, pricing and distribution right
  3. Hands on exercises based on real world case studies
  4. Articulating value - the secrets of messaging, branding and PR
  5. Hands on exercises based on real world case studies


Module 2

  1. Lessons from a successful startup - deep dive into GTM for phone/tablet apps
  2. GTM strategies thought about, actually implemented, failed, succeeded
  3. How GTM strategies varied by product
  4. Examples where GTM strategy had an impact on product design/packaging



  1. Applying GTM strategies learnt to products at your organization
  2. Hands on exercise


Rahul Kulkarni,
Early Stage Social Enterprise
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Anuj Tandon,
Co – Founder,
Rolocule Games
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