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Product Connect - The CX Opportunity


Digital technologies have shifted the balance of power from brands to the customer. Competitive advantages from products, manufacturing, distribution, brand and even IT are fleeting as these enablers are universally achieved and deliver little differentiation.

Today, Customers reward those brands that engage customers across touchpoints and deliver a consistent and rewarding customer experience (CX).
Big Data, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing and Immersive Technologies are new frontiers and present an entirely new set of challenges for brands. Customer Experience Management (CXM) has become the go-to business strategy to satisfy customer demands, deliver consistent and rewarding service, retain customers and grow profitable customer relationships. Today, this is virtually indistinguishable from the brand strategy and communication. At the heart of it all is the customer experience. CX is Storytelling with technology. This is where the opportunity lies today.
We look forward to your valuable participation. 

Siddharth Kumar
CXO & Co-founder,
Sensorial Design Labs

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