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Product Management Express Platform 2: Strategies for Growth


Under the aegis of NASSCOM Product Forum, we are Pleased to invite you to our 73rd Session.

Any business faces three strategic questions –

  • Where do we want to go?
  • How will we get there?
  • Why do we think we will be successful?
  • These are strategic questions. Their answers impact the direction the business will take and the tactics it will employ to achieve its targets. Answering these questions requires strategic thinking and analysis. The purpose of this workshop is to provide you an overview of the tools that you can put to use at your workplace to answer such questions.

    To address these challenges, NASSCOM joins hands with India Product Management Association (IPMA) to create a long run program on Product Management. Product Management Platform 2: Growth, will be a-day long workshop on various Strategies related to Product Management.

    OUTLINE: This day-long workshop would cover:

    • Formulating a product vision
      • Market understanding
      • Need for the product
      • Long term vision for the product
    • Translating Vision into Strategy
      • What is part of the product and what is not?
      • Service vs. product
      • Platform vs. Application
    • Realizing Strategy with Execution
      • Feature Prioritization & Product Roadmap
      • Delivering Products
      • Roadmap in an Agile world
    • Constant Refinement
      • Improving and refining the product / process on an ongoing basis

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