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Product Management Express Platform 2: Strategies for Growth


Strategies to convert a great product into a successful business proposition

Converting a great idea on dollars of revenue requires a sound strategy and business model. This session provides pointers to strategy framework, business models and insights from some successful products and services. A broad outline of the day’s proceedings is as follows:

Module 1:

  • What is strategy and why do we need it?
  • Strategy frameworks that help structure thinking
  • Leveraging innovation strategically
  • Apple strategy case study

Module 2:

  • Business model canvas
  • Some common and successful business models
  • Deep dive into Platform strategy and network effect
  • Describing a product strategy through roadmap

The session consists of a bit of theory and lots of examples and cases about how companies created successful business out of their offering.

Arun Saxena
Chief Mentor,
Insights and Directions

Arun is presently chief mentor at Insights and Directions, a coaching and consulting firm based at Hyderabad. He is also on the advisory board at Institute of Product Leadership ( where owns the product management curriculum and teaches several courses to MNC software companies as well as an Exec-MBA class in product management. He also coaches and mentors start - ups and is an early stage investor.

Prior to this, Arun worked with Tata Burroughs (Tata Infotech now merged into TCS) and Microsoft. At TCS Arun developed business software products in the area of finance and manufacturing. At Microsoft Arun worked with several teams ranging from Windows client, Word, Exchange, Dynamics CRM and Bing. In his last role Arun headed the program management practice at IDC Hyderabad with the stated goal to build the PM pipe so IDC could win bigger charters from Redmond. Between corporate jobs Arun also dabbled with entrepreneurship for eight years – growing to a $30 million Germany based company in the year 2000 building software components, products and services for some of the largest software vendors.

Arun lives in Hyderabad while pursuing his passion with building products that delight customers. Feel free to engage with him for some intellectual pow-wow or for some real life lessons.