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Product Management Platform 1: A Workshop on Foundation of Product Management


Under the aegis of NASSCOM Product Forum,we are pleased to invite you to our 66th session.

With rise of IT product companies in India, there is significant demand to spread awareness, get clarity and enhance knowledge base on various functions and roles of product management – understanding the principals and streamlining the product team. Role of product managers and marketers is evolving rapidly. Industry is striving of good product managers. To address these challenges, NASSCOM joins hands with India Product Management Association to create a long run program on Product Management. Product Management Platform 1, a-day long workshop on various aspect of Product Management function, is the first event in this journey.

This day-long workshop would cover:

Module 1: Introduction to Product Management

  • Introduction to Products, and how it is different from solutions and services.
  • Why do Good Products fail?
  • What makes products succeed?
  • What is Product management and Role of Product managers?

Module 2: Product Management Process and Life Cycle

  • Overview of product management process
  • Overview of PDLC processes and how to control PDLC
  • What makes a product manager successful?
  • Tips and suggestions for becoming an effective product manager

Ravi Padaki
Product Management and Marketing Consultant

Ravi Padaki is a product management and marketing consultant. A veteran of over 18 years of experience in the software industry, he has successfully led strategy, planning, launch and marketing of products in SaaS based e nterprise software, internet consumer, mobile and analytics domains. Most recently, he worked for Yahoo R&D in Bangalore. Before that, he was in Silicon Valley working for HP, Kodak, Provato (startup that was acquired by Revitas) and Sybase (now SAP).

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Sridhar Iyengar
Vice President,
Product Management at ZOHO Corporation

Sridhar Iyengar is Vice President of Product Management at ZOHO Corporation and passionate about creating products for global markets. He has spent over 18 years building software products for Enterprises, Telecom OEM and Service Provider markets. Prior to ZOHO, Sridhar worked at IIT Madras in building a wireless telecom system. Sridhar was one of the founding team member at ZOHO and has thoroughly enjoyed the journey from a startup to a global software product company from India.

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