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Product Management Express Platform 2: Strategies for Growth


Any business faces three strategic questions –

  • Where do we want to go?
  • How will we get there?
  • Why do we think we will be successful?

These are strategic questions. Their answers impact the direction the business will take and the tactics it will employ to achieve its targets. Answering these questions requires strategic thinking and analysis. The purpose of this workshop is to provide you an overview of the tools that you can put to use at your workplace to answer such questions.

To address these challenges, NASSCOM joins hands with India Product Management Association (IPMA) to create a long run program on Product Management. Product Management Platform 2: Growth, will be a-day long workshop on various Strategies related to Product Management.

OUTLINE: This day-long workshop would cover:

Module 1:

  • Perspectives of Technology Products and Strategies
  • Vision and Strategy for Growth - Stories of companies
  • Value proposition, Opportunity identification, Developing differentiation
  • Case studies

Module 2:

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Platform Strategy
  • Creating Roadmaps
  • Success metrics

Sita Devulapalli

Sita Devulapalli
Consultant - Software Product Strategies,

Sita has managed some of the engineering software products through their life cycle changes as the technology changes exploded over the past decades. Spanning 20+ years of experience with domain focused, ever changing technology embracing products - some sustaining and some disappearing - she has contributed to developing some of the long living products.

She has worked with Intergraph, iMotions, Progress Software, AVEVA and DRDO and has a post graduation in Guided Missiles and MBA in Finance. Her current interest is Product road maps and decision making/prioritization in Product life cycle."

Rahul Kulkarni

Rahul Kulkarni
Chief Product Officer,

Rahul Kulkarni is the Chief Product Officer at Sokrati, an ad tech and analytics startup recently ranked 3rd in Deloitte's 'Fastest growing tech 50 in India'. At Sokrati, Rahul helps drive ROI for ecommerce companies leveraging big data around user psychographics,creative analytics and product merchandising. Before jumping into the startup world, Rahul spent about six years at Google - starting out as Google’s first product manager in India and managing various products and teams - Google Maps and Local,cloud computing, Orkut and Google Finance.

Prior to Google, Rahul was the Product Manager for LabVIEW at National Instruments Corp in Austin, TX where for five years he led new product development efforts in the areas of design, prototyping and deployment of high speed control systems. Rahul holds a Masters degree in Engineering from Georgia Tech in Atlanta and Bachelors from VJTI Mumbai.