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Saket Setu, CEO, C-Zentrix

Saket comes with a 13 years of rich experience in the software product development background with more than 10 years in the contact center industry. As one of the pioneers (cofounder at C-Zentrix) of the single box contact center solution, innovation has been a hallmark of his journey. After spending significant years in development, customer service and sales and marketing his understanding of the market, the product and the customer requirement is as good as it gets. His engineering background with international business degree holds him in great stead for guiding C-Zentrix as the CEO into the new era with C-Zentrix Enterprise Cluster and C-Zentrix Cloud solution.

“There is no better place than India to provide Contact Center solutions over the Cloud”.

Saket believes that customer experience will see a sea change with advancement of four key technologies that is mobile technology (which includes app world), social media, speech technology (speech recognition,word spotting, speech biometrics) and video in times to come. Virtualization as the base of hardware optimisation will play a significant role in bringing down the hardware cost and providing enough processing power for big customer service platforms to be hosted at fraction of costs with much higher efficiency in quick time.

Q: How has the Cloud proved to be a game changer for ICT and non-IT organizations?

A: The Cloud brings the best technology, at least in terms of cost, taking away the need to set up IT infrastructure on a company’s premises. It helps all small and medium sized organizations to use the best of technology infrastructure for their IT and business needs. The Cloud-based subscription model helps them to take the risk of adopting a solution without too much upfront investment and without having to set up tech infrastructure.

All the IT services which are not core to the business of the company can be put on the Cloud, eliminating the need for manpower and reducing time and costs. The Cloud has brought the cutting-edge technologies to the smallest of IT and non-IT organizations across the world.

Q: What are the key trends shaping the Cloud market, and how big do you expect the business to be over the next three years?

A: Private and Public Cloud are the key trends shaping Cloud deliveries. Private Cloud has the capability to bring even big enterprises on the platform as it provides the same level of integrity of the system and data security as a premise-based solution. At the same it, it also enables an enterprise to drastically cut costs.

Q: Why is Contact Center for the Cloud important for the Indian market?

A: The Indian market is the fastest growing segment for small- and medium-sized companies, who are looking to use the best of contact center technologies for their customer service, lead generation, collections, etc. There is no better place than India to provide Contact Center solutions over the Cloud. Even big enterprises who are planning to go to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India need a Cloud solution on top of their premise solution to extend their services to these cities and townships.

Q: How can SMEs benefit from having a customer engagement platform on the Cloud?

A: All SMEs need customer service and lead generation to grow their businesses. This means that all these SMEs need to have a Cloud-based customer engagement solution so that they can quickly launch their customer services. lead from the very first day of the business, and compete with the best in the industry. It is difficult for them to invest in buying a Contact Center solution upfront, so the Cloud-based solution is more viable.

Q: Is the Cloud fully secure for doing business now, or do challenges still exist with issues related to security and privacy?

A:  Challenges do exist on Cloud-based systems related to security but these are slowly being taken care of. As the Cloud grows it’s becoming more secure and reliable owing to the use of the latest encryption technologies, that help maintain the security of the data.

Q: How have you positioned yourself in the Cloud space? What do you have on offer and what benefits do these spell for your customers?

A: C-Zentrix has remained a market leader in the area of premise-based solutions in India for the last eight years and has now brought the same strength to its Cloud-based solution. We are providing the same features on the Cloud that we have made available in our premise-based solution. The experience for the end customer is exactly the same in the Cloud mode as it is in the in premise model. At the same time, the monthly subscription model is also very affordable. It brings the same stability, high availability and real-time monitoring capabilities to Call Center agents with reports and graphs, as the premise-based solution. It also offers the advantage of going live within hours of buying the subscription online.