19th September, 2017
The Leela Palace, Bangalore

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Does healthcare need a new discourse in India? Yes it does!

Over the years, digital technologies have revolutionised the tools used to seek information, communicate, prevent and treat diseases by increasing reach, transparency and accountability while lowering costs.

Health outreach has to evolve from being top-down to participatory as people challenge unilateral decisions taken during the country's development journey.

It gives people control over interventions that deliver tangible benefits.

India can meet the existing and emerging health threats only by accepting that much like in politics, people want to participate in the change they want to see.

NASSCOM, in association with IBM Watson Health, is hosting a day long conclave “Salubrity” on 19th September, 2017 at The Leela Palace, Bangalore.

The central theme of the conference is IT in public health and human services in India. Grab the chance to be part of the ecosystem of healthcare policy makers, industry influencers, innovators, start-ups and media to have a meaningful discussion and deep dive around the central theme.

Key Themes

IBM NASSCOM Conference

Public Health and Human Services: Visions, values and strategies for the future

Helping the public sector improve health and human services, lowering the cost of services and making it accessible for all.

IBM NASSCOM Conference

Creating and facilitating a Collaborative Ecosystem

All stakeholders, including industry, government, and investors need to step up and make efforts towards the common goal of human well being.

IBM NASSCOM Conference

Emerging trends and Imperatives

The health care industry is refurbishing the very concept of 'health care'. It is focussed on holistic care through pervasive health continuum.The old saying 'Precaution is better than cure' is actually being practiced. Increasing awareness and acceptance of preventive measures strengthens the health care industry.

IBM NASSCOM Conference

Digital Care

The confluence of variegated technologies such as Cognitive Computing, Mobile, Cloud and Social ensure that care delivery is much faster and is far reaching.



(till 18th September, 2017)

The confluence is free to attend. However, prior registration is mandatory.



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