Telling the Indian start-up story

The Indian start-up story may finally be becoming a page turner with growth in numbers, promising market opportunity and greater funding all coming together. Check out this detailed infographic for more on the elements of the story so far.

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The Start-up market opportunity

Knowlarity CEO Ambarish Gupta makes a case for giving greater importance to the SME/Start-up market. While you may not land a juicy deal immediately, a well handled start-up client can provide great benefits in the long run, he argues.

Interview With Sathya Karthik, ABIBA Systems

Crossing the scaling chasm is probably the toughest challenge for a start-up’s CEO. In this video, Sathya Karthik, CEO of Bangalore-based ABIBA Systems, recounts his company’s start-up journey, and talks about strategies that worked for his young business.

What’s Your Scaling-Up story?

India’s tech start-up ecosystem is thriving with the number of new start-ups tripling in the last 6 years – today we have around 450 companies being set up each year as against 167 in 2006. Interestingly, such IT SMEs have contributed about 10-12% of the overall IT industry revenues in the year 2012.
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The Start-up Genome report on Premature Scaling of start-us throws up some interesting points
Best TED talks for start-ups

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