Design becoming the pivot of product engineering
Clean, simple, functional- these are some of the attributes of good design. A good design is intuitive – it explains itself and makes a user manual redundant. It communicates the functions and the value it offers rather than promising buyers what it can’t deliver. A good design is intended to improve the given situation of the user.

Traditionally software products did not adhere to the principles of good design. But, gone are the days when product companies simply created software and expected customers to use it, no questions asked. With customers becoming exposed to intuitive products, there is a paradigm shift in the way products are ‘designed'.

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Solving the Talent search conundrum

In today’s volatile economy, organizations are facing numerous challenges in building and executing effective talent management strategies. One important reason is the growing gap between availability of quality education and the expectations from industry.



Regional Product Council Established

NASSCOM has established Regional Product Councils for East, North and West regions. These regional chapters will collaborate on a common agenda to help innovate, nurture, and accelerate the growth of the Indian software product ecosystem.

Product Council - North | East | West



NASSCOM has partnered with Frost & Sullivan to build a Product Excellence Framework that will benchmark Indian software products across defined categories. The framework will enable access to market insights, competitive positioning and case studies that can be shared with customers for adoption of Indian software products.


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