The great e-commerce puzzle: Do the pieces finally fit?

110 million Internet users, US $10 billion in online sales, the youngest e-commerce users in the world and a potential US $30 billion market opportunity by 2016 – the halo around the Indian internet market has never shone brighter. The good news is that, even as on-line cash tills are busy ringing away, the growth this time seems to be based on a solid foundation. So, has the time come to raise trumpets and herald the arrival of a sustainable e-commerce economy in India? Let’s find out.

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Double-‘click’ growth: Meet companies that got their e-commerce math right

What does it take to create a successful
e-commerce business in India? A nifty idea? Exceptional execution? Or just the luck of being in the right place at the right time? Follow Abhik Ghosh, CEO, AG Knowledge Tech, as he traces the journey of a clutch of successful start-ups.


Cash Tills Ringing: How a retail
software vendor
sees the market evolving

Retail store management solutions have had to evolve quickly to keep pace with the plethora of store formats and specialised shops that have begun to dot our cities and towns. To understand this market better and the nature of solutions available, the EMERGE team spoke with Nilesh Shah of retail software solutions firm RanceLab®.

What’s spoiling the party for the Indian
e-commerce industry?

While the number of e-commerce users in India is on the rise, Indian Internet companies are still battling price wars and high customer acquisition costs as they compete for a share in the same pie. Average ticket size has gone down and offers poor margins to e-tailers.

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