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How Strategic Marketing can turn cash starved companies into cash rich entities ?


We are pleased to invite you to the 83rd session of NASSCOM Product Forum.

While many of us may want to be entrepreneurial at heart, our approach to institution building suffers from 'Big company thinking' that many of the small businesses cannot afford. When startups and small business owners shun the luxury of deep pockets, market hype and patient investors, they anchor their business models on fundamentals that are more sustainable.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The world market place is more volatile than ever before. More than ever before, a strategy linked and reality bound business model is the need of the hour. Strategy has to be operational, reality bound and forward focused.

The session highlights the strategic considerations an India based First Generation Entrepreneurs / Business Owner needs to bear in mind.

Look forward to seeing you there !

1000 hrs – 1015 hrs

1015 hrs – 1030 hrs
Welcome Address by NASSCOM followed by participants brief introduction

1030 hrs – 1130 hrs
Session by Shekar Rangarajan, Founder & CEO, Shekarsan LLP

1130 hrs – 1145 hrs
Tea / Coffee Break

1145 hrs – 1300 hrs
Session Continues

1300 hrs – 1400 hrs
Networking Lunch

1400 hrs – 1530 hrs
Session Continues

1530 hrs – 1645 hrs
Tea / Coffee Break

1645 hrs – 1700 hrs
Session Continues with Q&A and Conclusion

A Mechanical Engineer from REC, Trichy, Shekar obtained his diploma in Business and Industrial management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Shekar started his career as a field engineer, and switched over to field sales and marketing after his stint at IIM, Bangalore.

During the 12 years in domestic and international selling, he worked closely with the team from Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd to launch their RX 100 motorcycle in India. Shekar's love for the Japanese style of management culminated in his joining Xerox in India. At Xerox, he led a companywide change management effort to stream line and professionalize the management system using the principles of Total Quality. Shekar interned in Japan with Fuji Xerox in 1990 as an understudy. His mission was to internalize the Japanese Management System and implement the same in India.

Embodying the spirit of dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, Shekar facilitated the adoption of fact based and forward looking management disciplines with attendant benefits of improved productivity and financial returns.

His next 18 years were spent with GE Capital, Citibank and Polaris Software and these stints helped him integrate the essentials of Quality, Service and Technology for improved business effectiveness. Shekar founded his firm for management consulting, styled SHEKARSAN, in October 2006. Shekar also writes extensively for business dailies and weeklies and teaches elective courses on Business Management. He is a member of several professional bodies and support communities.

He has implemented TOC across diverse industries such as the Telecom, manufacturing, real estate, banking and IT & ITES industries, in India and abroad. Author of a business novel titled ‘Business Twenty 20: How to build an Everlasting company,” illustrates the power of 'Unconstrained Thinking' to help the owner promoter rethink the way using the tools, templates and solved examples.