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Sushil Chaudhary, CEO & MD, Mann-India Technologies

Sushil Chaudhary, Managing Director in the core, has build a strong relationship network and brand name in LATAM and INDIA. He helped the organization to adopt a working- culture of ceremonial standard where sense of frolics and enjoyments has strong presence. He has the mastery over Time Management System.

Foresightedness & vision in part of his character & habit and then embarking at once upon it, is his strength to succeed. He is the master of an agile personality.

A think- tank of his kind, he puts out plans, mingles experience of his team mates after series of individual approach. A high visionary personality as he is, leaves no marks of shy or disappointments behind. He has already set his eyes on global market, working hard to mature enough in order not to let the corporate to wait long in taking a glimpse of another glittering star on the horizon of corporate world and thus doing India-proud.

Q: What attracted Mann-India to LATAM countries? And what was the strategy to get into the Latin American market?
A: LATAM market was almost untouched since year 2000 and there were very few companies who were looking at this market. We at Mann-India realized the potential very early in year 2000 and decided to explore the market. We were right in planning our strategy and got tremendous potential to move up in the value chain faster. This market gave us opening to design new product, service line and greater growth potential. We grow from 10 People Company to more then 300 people company in 7 years. 

Our per employee contribution to the company was more then 50000 USD per annum, which gave us lot of leverage in organizing our investments in new areas.

Our strategy was to understand and adoption to the local culture, we learnt local language, encouraged our employees to do the same and created a core team model to increase our sale.

In our core team model, we identified influential local personals in IT areas and hire them to drive Mann-India’s sale in the region.

We worked very closely with the local Indian missions, and IT chamber of commerce and local networking bodies to help us get known in the market and in the end it was our deliveries and client attention which helped us get more repeat business.

Q: What is Mann India's service portfolio? Which is the main product/service of Mann India from which is gets its maximum revenue?
A: Mann-India is a technology solutions company providing innovative products and services in the verticals of Banking, Retail and Telecom.

Mann-India has a suite of innovative and cost effective products that cater to the unique requirements of the Latin American Market such as:

  • Enterprise Modernization Tool ( migration tools)
  • Transaxion ( mobile solutions)
  • Retail Maestro ( ERP).

We are also preferred partners for SAP in Caribbean and Andinas Region.

Q: What is the percentage of revenue that it gets from Latin American market?
A: Mann-India is focused in the Latin American Market (LATAM).The revenue share from the LATAM market is more than 90 % of the company revenues. The remainder 10% is based on reference customers we get from India.

Q:Is there competition that Mann India faces from local companies/ other global companies?
A: We have all the global companies like Accenture, IBM, Oracle and some Indian companies like TCS, Infosys which are giving us competition.
But in Venezuela and DR, Mann-India is leading the market share.

Q:What were the initial challenges faced by Mann India and how are they different now…is the current economic situation affecting business in Latin America?
A: Cultural differences and our preconceived notion about the LatAm market. LatAm market is very different market compared to European and American market. And this market was very IT savvy and to place Mann-India as enterprise IT solutions provider was tough tasks without references. We over come this by offering them free pilots, successful completion of the projects, completing the projects before the time and that helped us to create the credibility in the market.

Now we have different challenges like managing the growth rate and making a strategy which will sustain our growth in the region and of course we are looked as one of the local companies which put lot of pressure in our delivery team and they are expected to understand the local culture. This forced us to start LATAM driven induction program and quick knowledge transfer to our people about LATAM.

Current economic situation is affecting business but not to very large extend. We have our services wrapped around value packages which help most of the client achieve their cost cuttings in current scenario.

Q:'The challenge for the Indian companies today is to go up the value chain’. How is Mann India addressing this challenge?
A: One of the advantages this region (LATAM) gave us was to help Mann-India move up in the value chain. Mann-India could move faster in value chain by creating good products and our service offerings were automated. For example: most of the migration or modernization projects for bigger banks or clients we did was automated and tool driven solutions and this gave us the lead over the competitors such as  TCS, Infosys, etc.
In fact we developed 5 state of the art products like Transaxion ( mobile services and payment space ), retail maestro ( web based ERP for SME in retail area ) Migration tools ( to migrate Cobol to java or RPG to .Net),  MIMO ( mobile value added product) and WAMS ( workflow and document management product).

Q:What will ensure success for mid sized technology companies like Mann-India in future?
A: Understanding and conviction on the local market growth rate. Most of the Indian companies are worried about politically unstable environment and language barrier. But things are changing fast and most of the LATAM countries are moving fast with greater policies and they are more stable in governance. And Understanding these policies and working with these policies will ensure better growth rate.

Mann-India wants to be the number 1 IT solution provider in LATAM region within next three years.  And we are very sure about our growth plans.