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Talent Management: Scaling up for Tomorrow


Starting off from being an 'employee' and 'body' shop mode, the personnel management outlook gradually changed to 'resources', and in the recent years people as 'Talent' and 'Human Capital'.

From a predominant client oriented view, where Client Satisfaction was the key driver, organisations are now spending more time and effort in increasing their Employee Engagement and Satisfaction. For this to happen, there has to be an equal focus in building the skills and career; in providing the avenues for Learning and Self Development to meet the business needs and individual aspirations; in evaluating and rewarding performance; and in creating the right environment of organizational and work culture.

The larger organizations have the machinery and funds to provide all the motivation to their employees, it is the smaller organisations who are working within their possible limits, thereby making their challenge harder. So, what are the few things that the smaller companies can do to retain their human assets, grow them to higher capabilities and help meet and grow their business? While there may not be a one-pill-for-all-ills, there are some core aspects to focus your energies on.

You are invited to the session titled "Talent Management, Scaling up for Tomorrow". This session conducted by 3nayan Consulting will identify people issues from business perspective, specifically for small and medium sized IT products companies and delve into possible solutions and recommendations, again from business perspective.

The session will be conducted in an interactive mode and will include a short participative case study.


1) Introduction to the IT industry scenario on the people dimension from business perspective

  • IT industry people scenario
  • Changing demands on talent
  • Changing expectations of employees in an increasingly globally connected world

2) Interactively Looking for Solutions

  • Possible areas for solutions – interaction through live scenarios/case studies

3) 3nayan Approach and point of view to Solutions

  • Journey of Software Engineer in an organization, highlighting challenges
  • Our Talent Management approach, the integrated way.
    • Competency - The Core
    • Motivating to Retain
    • What could happen? – Analytics? Performance impact? Will Rewards go away? Tools Integration?

4) Conclusion - Scale up your expectations, Scale up your people from Day 1

Govindraj Kozhipurath
Leads- Talent Management practice,
3nayan Consulting

Govindraj Kozhipurath (popularly called Gocha), is an industry veteran with over 27 years of experience, leads Talent Management practice at 3nayan Consulting. Gocha is also the founder of Finetsa, a Talent Management company.

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Sanjay Singhal
Founding Partner,
3nayan Consulting

Sanjay Singhal, IT industry veteran with nearly three decades of experience, leads Strategy & Business Advisory and Sales Management practice at 3nayan Consulting.

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