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Greetings from NASSCOM! 

Customers are increasingly taking advantage of the options provided by technology, to choose the time, place and nature of their interactions with an organization or their brand. This break down of traditional boundaries makes managing these interactions complex especially since customers expect stable context and adaptible content no matter where they are. 

The key challenges confronting Product Owners, Digital Marketers and Customer Experience professionals in delivering seamless Omni-channel experiences are two fold, 

1.Understanding users and the journey they undertake in pursuit of their goals across channels & touchpoints

2.Visualizing the desired state and knowing where, how much and when to invest

In this workshop participants will learn about the key steps involved in designing seamless omni-channel experiences. They will also get the opportunity to internalize their understanding by working on real world problems & exercises 

Workshop Agenda: 

  • Ecosystem Mapping - Start with the big picture

· Hands on Exercise: 25 min Create an Ecosystem Map

  • Empathy - Taking a walk in your customer's shoes

· Hands on Exercise: 15 min Conduct User Research

· Hands on Exercise: 15 min Create an Empathy Map

  • Personas - Understanding Users

· Hands on Exercise: 15 min Create an Personas

  • Journey Mapping

· Hands on Exercise: 40 min Create an Journey Map

  • Introduction to Ux Strategy

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