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Winning First Few Customers


After the validation of a product fitment in the market, the immediate milestone for a startup is customer acquisition. However, many startups take some time get their first few customers because the Founders do not come from a Sales background.

This 8 hour workshop will cover the various aspects of  Sales Planning, Marketing & Sales  Outreach programs, convincing the buyers to acquire the startup products/services. This will arm the Founders with practical selling skills on identifying the right buyers and will make them sell better and will make them grow the company at a faster rate. Examples and concepts from real life examples will be discussed during the entire day.
  • Sales Planning – Identifying the right segment of companies, Title types and the Value proposition
  • Sales and Digital Marketing Outreach - Since the founder will have very limited time to sell and limited money to spend on marketing and in sales, this track will focus on practical techniques in
    1. Time Management to sell.
    2. SEO
    3. Social Media Marketing
    4. Content Marketing
    5. Email Marketing
    6. Cold Calling & Elevator Pitch
    7. Selling through Channels
  • Practical Selling Skills for Non Sales Founders
  • Art of Questioning to elicit Pain Points
  • Buying Units Vs Selling Process
    1. How Buyers Buy
    2. Concept of POC’s/Trials and how to succeed
    3. How to convince them to buy your product/service in-spite of being a startup
  • How many successful companies got their First Few Customers
  • Sales Transactions
    1. Objection Handling
    2. Negotiation techniques.
    3. Closing Techniques

Looking forward towards your active participation.

Balaji Chakravarthi Consults, Trains and Teaches B2B Sales & Digital Marketing.

20 years in B2B Sales (12 yrs as VP Sales)

First sales employee 3 times & acquired first customer 8 times for his employers

Built & Scaled sales teams & sales processes from scratch multiple times.

Ran large Inside Sales teams for over a decade to sell software projects and products over the phone without meeting buyers face to face

Balaji is the Founder & Editor of ( , a knowledge platform to demystify startup selling. Balaji interviews founders of several industries and publishes their experiences of how they, in-spite of them having multiple odds stacked against them as a startup still managed to acquire their First Few Customers. More than 150 Founders of multiple industries at multiple stages have been interviewed and their sales secrets have been published.