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Workshop on UX Designs : Solution Thinking


Design thinking is a methodology for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. The design way of problem solving starts with a solution that defines the parameters to optimise the path to the goal. The solution, then, is actually the starting point.

Why Solution Thinking?
This new design methodology helps you to:

  • Find practical and creative resolutions to problems that need improved future results
  • Start with the goal, or the outcome, instead of the problem
  • Focus on the present and future and parameters of the problem and its resolution simultaneously

Why the Workshop?
Attend the workshop to:

  • Understand Solution Thinking and how you can start
  • Learn about the concept of UX design
  • Understand how to create and articulate a UX vision & embrace best practices in responsive design
  • Share your experiences in the area of UX design with peers
  • Deal with UI related problems and come up with solutions for them
  • Learn about the role of UX designers in the product cycle - where they come in?
  • Know about what comes in UX first - empathy, creativity or rationality?

Program Flow

  • Creating and articulating a UX Vision - How Solution Thinking improve User Experience
  • Experience sharing among teams
  • Hands-on Solution to your UX or UI related problems - best practices in responsive design

Hari Nallan

Mr. Hari Nallan
Experience strategist, Co-founder and CEO ,
Think Design Collaborative Pvt. Ltd.

La Exactlly Software Pvt. Ltd.