The BPM e-Confluence Series is an initiative from NASSCOM to help define the vision and roadmap for the BPM industry.

The industry has seen fast evolution but with businesses constantly evolving, there are always new expectations to cater to.   This is an opportunity for all of us to understand as to how the industry is rethinking its portfolio of services and focus on new technology and delivery models to redefine it’s value proposition.

It is a great platform planned by NASSCOM to bring together rich, diverse and robust virtual content along with ecosystem influencers to understand the future that may emerge.  Discussion will touch upon the dimensions of evolution of the industry, key drivers and forces that will shape the industry and key levers that will be leveraged by the industry to transform itself.

  • 01
    Evolution of the Industry through COVID
    • May 20th, 2020
    • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm IST

    COVID has pushed most organizations and tested their resilience and agility. The session will focus on multiple dimensions around the how customer expectations from various businesses will evolve and how that will impact the BPM industry. This track will also touch upon the BPM industry’s reaction to the COVID crisis, strengths and weaknesses and help us understand the readiness of the industry as well as gaps to fill. The session will also focus on how India can contribute to and lead the transformation

  • 02
    Contactless Service Centres – a key focus
    • Jun 17th, 2020
    • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm IST

    The new normal may make it an absolute necessity to conduct more and more business remote. This will mean we have to rethink our portfolio of services from the contact center as well as execution mechanism. How can more be done with less person-to-person interaction? The session will focus on understanding these new areas and how a center can evolve to support the contactless service center

  • 03
    RPA - key differentiator to create value
    • Jul 08th, 2020
    • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm IST

    This session will focus on the imminent increase in automation in processes across businesses that will emerge due to increasing need to remote work, higher efficiency and reduced cost. It has tremendously increased the need for RPA to be further integrated in BPM offerings. The experts will focus on how RPA will impact various parts of the value chain for various industries and can be leveraged strongly to add value to customers of BPM services

  • 04
    BCP - a foundation stone for the future
    • Jul 29th, 2020
    • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm IST

    This journey has tested the industry’s BCP readiness. Unexpected and unforeseen situations have made it clear that BCP has to be a clear focus for the organization. While most companies leveraged globally distributed locations as a bedrock for BCP, COVID showed that we need to plan beyond. BCP will become ingrained in all our decisions – office, technology, process, etc. Discussion will touch upon the dimensions for BCP, financial and policy impacts as well as what will be the ask from government and infrastructure providers to support the new models

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