NASSCOM is happy to announce its third batch of the NASSCOM DeepTech Club. This is a program intended to promote the creation and evolution of world class DeepTech Startups.

NASSCOM has always focused on cutting edge technological advances. DeepTech would involve Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), AR/VR, Robotics, NLP and similar technologies.

DeepTech is the way of the future and requires focused attention, as against nurturing a conventional Tech startup. Focused attention for extended duration entails both theoretical knowhow and the practical handholding of DeepTech startups.

The DeepTech Club

The DeepTech Club will be a club of identified and curated DeepTech companies who will be recognized, nurtured and promoted by NASSCOM via various programs, platforms and events. The Club will have three segments.

  • Lab to Market

    Academic or research projects or companies currently being incubated in campus or research institutions

  • Pre-Revenue

    Companies in product development or not customer-validated yet

  • Post-Revenue

    Companies with customers using the product

Program Updates

DeepTech program mentee is a (co) founder who is passionate about building cutting edge technology, who is comfortable reading and applying journal papers in their chosen area. Your company is creating new IP technology and/or keen on adopting latest technologies – AI, ML, Robotics, Algorithms, Drone, AR/VR, Speech/Image, Cyptography etc.

Value Proposition
  • Enterprise Connect
    1. Leverage NASSCOM Programs to foster engagements with interested large corporates including global Banking and Financial Services, Technology, Retail, FMCG and other companies
    2. Connect with NASSCOM members to identify opportunities in acceleration, joint sales pitch, M&A and so on
  • Global Connects
    1. Explore opportunities to participate in special delegation to overseas markets
    2. Participate in global delegate sessions organized by NASSCOM in India
  • Global Expansion
    1. Mentoring and help in setting up base outside of India
    2. Help in recruiting relevant talent
    3. Help with market match making/customer connect opportunities
  • Investor Connect
    1. Help in getting ready for fund raising
    2. Connects to the right investors
    3. Mentoring in choosing the right funding strategy and target investors
  • Mentoring
    1. Advice on the right technology for your specific needs and access to MNC Tech companies (H/W and S/W for guidance)
    2. NASSCOM ecosystem assistance with respect to tech platform, practitioner perspective, access to test data, Cloud credits, Open APIs and much more
    3. Access to learnings from the Israel DeepTech ecosystem (from years of experience scaling, legal and success)
    4. Business strategy mentoring - Company building, organization culture, scaling, legal guidance, recruitment, connects etc.
  • Visibility
    1. Recognition as a member of the NASSCOM DeepTech Club
    2. Unleash the potential of various NASSCOM events - Product conclaves, Competitions, business connects
    3. Get featured in product made.in and get discovered easily by potential customers, investors and partners
NASSCOM DeepTech Club program will be conducted in 3 phases
  • Phase 1 - Application
  • Phase 2 - Shortlisting
  • Phase 3 - Onboarding

Startups will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Technical Depth
  • Business Value
  • Unique Idea/ Innovation
  • Adoption of Solution
DTC People
  • Core Team
  • Mentors - Cohort 3
  • Evangelists
  • Agrima
  • Aptagrim
  • Aryabhatta Robotics
  • AShield
  • Ask.sid
  • Fabrik
  • ederlabs
  • AutoGenerate.AI
  • Evue Technologies
  • GoDhiyo Solutions
  • Gordian Technologies
  • Graphene Services
  • HaltDos
  • Ignitarium
  • Inflict
  • Medtra
  • Merak
  • Merak
  • Onward Assist
  • Perceptiviti Data Solutions
  • inVoid
  • SecurelyShare
  • Senseforth AI Research
  • Sociograph Solutions
  • Xenon Automotive India
  • Zappy.ai

DTC Alumni
  • Cohort 1
  • Cohort 2
  • Deep Acuity
    Deep Acuity

    Innovate in “visual Big data” - mining insights from images and videos

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  • All Go Vision

    Video Analytics for surveillance for smart city - Solutions for Security, traffic management, Facial recognition

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  • Appachhi

    Mobile automation testing platform (address issue due to various screensizes, network - 2G, 3G, wifi, phone RAM/CPU issues etc). AppAchhi helps in testing all these permutations and combinations. Plus AI driven bot to analyse and test app with test results/performance insights/security testing as well.

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  • Digital Agents Interactive
    Digital Agents Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

    Interactive product catalogues that enhances buying & learning experiences through 3D/AR/VR technologies

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  • in Feedo

    AI Chatbot, Amber, assess employee mood

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  • Mashinga

    Meetings are made efficient and productive using their AI voice assistant to automating data capturing in a structured format

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  • MMYK

    immersive simulation platform for surgery planning and training

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  • Reifier
    Nube / Reifier

    AI based data management solution - data quality, data management space. Linking data of various departments, customers360 etc

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  • Shape Crunch

    Custom made for flat feet - digitized + 3D printer Doctors use the applicat

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  • Shop R 360 Degree

    Powerful retail artificial intelligence, based on shopper behaviour that measures "In-Vicinity" & "In-Store" customers and derives intelligent analytics and loyalty patterns.

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  • Merxius

    Extended reality experience - AR, VR, MR - Input3D data output - MR experience across multiple hardware

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  • Natural Text
    Natural Text

    Biomedical product currently in clinical trial. Pertaining to cataract. Customized lens to cataract patients to overcome specs dependency

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  • Inito

    A device attached to Smartphone (using phone's camera) for Diagnostics. Patents pending

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  • Nayam Innovations

    Biomedical product currently in clinical trial. Pertaining to cataract. Customized lens to cataract patients to overcome specs dependency

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  • Ziroh Labs
    Ziroh Labs

    Using Cryptography for securing and maintaining Privacy for storing in cloud without losing usability

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  • Cyclops

    Clinical product to track dizziness and the reason using eye tracking criteria.

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  • Accelopt Network

    Optimization of telecom networks using machine learning. Machine learning as a service, providing API - Call failure, traffic detection

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  • Intellolabs

    Quality assessment of Agri products to assist in marketplace

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  • ZestIOT

    Help Airlines/Airports improve ontime performance, enhance passenger experience & reduce cost

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  • Uncanny Vision
    Uncanny Vision

    Uncanny surveilance AI based Human like vision for IoT devices such as surveillance cameras

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  • S & I Engineering Solutions

    Simulation of Aerodynamics. This robust, fast, accurate and efficient tool is used for predicting air flow past configurations in aerospace and automotive arena.

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  • Active.Ai
    Active Intelligence Pte Ltd

    AI to deliver conversational banking services that help banks redefine their digital strategy. With NLP, NLU and ML, the platform enables natural dialogues using messaging, voice and IOT devices.

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  • Active.Ai
    Artivatic Data Labs private Limited

    An end to end AI Infrastructure platform built on deep-tech, machine learning technologies with in-depth analogy of genomic science, psychology & neuroscience.

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  • Yellow Messenger
    Bitonic Technology Labs Private Limited

    A single sign on platform to create chatbots based on requirements. With an omni channel interface with multi-lingual support in 55 Indian and Global Languages, it is enabled to handle unstructured documents.

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  • CLAP Research
    CLAP Research

    A natural language driven enterprise search platform named Voody collects and indexes huge amounts of structured & unstructured data from a variety of sources within the organisation and from outside to generate relevant information on dashboards based on the natural language search string input by the user.

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  • Clootrack
    Clootrack Software Labs Private Limited

    A platform for brands to monitor customer priorities with changing trends to discover insights like must have and good to have features in a brand, emerging trends, biggest complaints, new competitors in a category and so on.

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  • Coeo Labs
    Coeo Labs

    US patent granted and CE certified completely automatic, AI and sensor-based, secretion, oral hygiene and cuff pressure management device which can manage airway secretions effectively to prevent the risk of acquiring Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

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  • CogniCor

    A WIX like solution for creating, deploying and managing enterprise chatbots, comes with standard knowledge packs and user journeys for Finance, IT Support and HR use cases, it is built on advanced AI that uses distributed computing to ingest documents, create workflows, synthesize personalized responses.

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  • Constems AI Systems Private Limited
    Constems AI Systems Private Limited

    Vision-Based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for Manufacturing Sector - to manage, control and operate processes on the shop-floor

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  • DheeYantra Research Labs
    DheeYantra Research Labs

    Dhee.ai helps businesses to enable vernacular interactions and engagement with their end customers. Dhee.AI has 9 core patents pending on the Indic language NLP space.

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    Apply ML/AI techniques to unify the heterogeneous data, store it a unique way and apply patented technology to slice and dice data in different forms and shapes, all in real time. MECBOT also provide state of art ML/AI models which can be run at Scale using Kubernetes and Dockers.

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  • Horus Intellisys Pvt. Ltd.
    Horus Intellisys Pvt. Ltd.

    HorusI drive safety solution is an Image processing based Collision Avoidance/ Alert system. Horus helps is a Preventive solution than reporting incident.

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  • Imaginate Software Labs Pvt Ltd
    Imaginate Software Labs Pvt Ltd

    The hardware agnostic 3D conferencing solution that enables designers and researchers to collaborate with their peers across the world in a realistic virtual world along with their 3D data. This emulates the experience of meeting in person with a physical product.

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  • Invento Robotics
    Invento robotics

    Mitra robot is a customer assistant. Providing contextual assistance to guests is quite hard and expensive, to do with humans. Our robots identify customers, engage them, help them get further on the Customer Decision Journey and get them closer to what they want.

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  • Matisoft Cyber Security Labs
    Matisoft Cyber Security Labs

    Our technology makes our software think like a human cyber security expert. Our technology replicates the brain of a human cyber security expert & combines it with the compute capacity of the device to make a truly smart engine that intelligently protects the device against virus attacks.

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  • QuNu Labs Private Limited
    QuNu Labs Private Limited

    A quantum-safe data security company that helps large enterprises accelerate their transition to quantum-safe security solutions. Founded in 2016 in Bangalore, India, QuNu Labs is the first and only quantum key distribution company in India. QuNu Labs is incubated with IIT, Madras with the aim of collaborating with academia to conduct research on advanced versions of quantum-safe products and build new technology surrounding it.

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  • SwitchOn

    SwitchOn is a hardware-software platform that allows industries to create digital twins of their machinery and heavy assets, monitor and predict deterioration and failures in advance, thus ensuring better up-time and longer life.

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  • Tesseract

    World's first true holographic headset that works with your smartphone. By combining patented off-axis curved holographic optics with a suite of optimized computer vision and learning algorithms, Holoboard brings Augmented Reality experiences accessible to both Enterprise and Small/Medium Businesses.

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  • Transerve Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Transerve Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Transerve CityOS is a geospatial technology powered full stack solution with analytics on a cloud service to power city's core functions like revenue management, water supply, sanitation, sludge management, etc. CityOS uses the power of maps and analytics to compute key performance indices in a user-defined geographic area in order to provide better citizen services. a

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  • Uber Techlabs Pvt Ltd
    Uber Techlabs Pvt Ltd

    Intellibot offers multiple tools which help an enterprise in different phases of Digital transformation (Asses, Transform, Cognition & Reporting). Value proposition: DIY Automation, lower TCO, Cognitive capabilities, Client specific customizations & Cost disruptions.

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  • Wobot Intelligence Private Limited
    Wobot Intelligence Private Limited

    Building a layer of AI in survellence camera that detects people, objects, faces, emotions, behaviors, patterns and postures.

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  • How does the program work?
    At a high level, post your selection to the program, you will be assigned. The mentors will bring-in other experts as required from the NASSCOM ecosystem to help you understand and apply it to your business. You will be expected to discuss your current focus, technology landscape and roadmap with the mentor. Action items from the mentor are to be followed up and traction to be brought up for periodic review. Connect with the mentors will be either in person or virtual depending on the mentor & mentee convenience. Mentors are achievers in their own fields and are always stretched for time, and also are devoting this time for the greater good of the ecosystem – Mentees to ensure the sanctity of the program in terms of punctuality, attendance, follow ups, amicable and open to feedback etc. There will be no NDA/restrictions in IP for the entire program.
  • What to do in case of specific questions with respect to the program?
    For specific questions, please reach out us at deeptechclub@nasscom.in.
  • How do you enroll into this program?
    Please share details of your company to deeptechclub@nasscom.in. Post receiving your details, If selected, mentees will be notified by email about the next steps. We are envisioning a qualitative batches of not more than 20 selected companies.
Have a query? Need more information? Send us an email on deeptechclub@nasscom.in.