Past Speakers
  • Suresh Narayanan
    Suresh Narayanan

    Chairman and Managing Director
    Nestle India Ltd.

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  • Krishnakumar Natarajan
    Krishnakumar Natarajan

    Executive Chairman

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  • Vesta Bovair
    Vesta Bovair

    Board Member & MD Global
    Operations - Swiss-re

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  • Grace Hoshie
    Grace Hoshie

    Board Member - Federal Bank India & First Source Solutions

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  • Pratap Reddy
    Pratap Reddy

    ADG of Police Crime Investigation Department, Karnataka Police

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  • Aaradhana Lal
    Aaradhana Lal

    Vice President Sustainability Services Lemon Tree Hotel Company

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  • Thawar Chand Gehlot
    Thawar Chand Gehlot

    Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Incumbent

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  • Shankar Annaswamy
    Shankar Annaswamy

    former MD India IBM & Board HCG and IndusInd Bank

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  • Ankit Rajiv Jindal
    Ankit Rajiv Jindal

    Marketing Advisor
    NTT DATA Services

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  • Parvati Raghuram
    Parvati Raghuram

    Professor in Geography & Migration -
    Open University UK

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  • Ashish Sinha
    Ashish Sinha

    Country Head
    India Epsilon

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  • Lula Mohanty
    Lula Mohanty

    Vice President
    Sevices IBM

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  • Ravi Raman
    Ravi Raman

    COO - Infrahedge a
    Statestreet Company

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  • Kalyani Sekar
    Kalyani Sekar

    Managing Director and VP
    Verizon Data Services India

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  • Pankajam Sridevi
    Pankajam Sridevi

    Managing Director

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  • Yogen Karumbaya
    Yogen Karumbaya

    Centre Head
    Thomson Reuters

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  • Rama Sivaraman
    Rama Sivaraman

    Chief Operating Officer
    Polaris Consulting Services

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  • Amardeep Devadason
    Amardeep Devadason

    Senior Vice President
    RR Donnelley GBPO

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  • Nayana Udupi
    Nayana Udupi

    Marketing Executive
    Thought Works

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  • Nirmala Menon
    Nirmala Menon

    Founder & CEO
    Interweave Consulting

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  • Mansee Singhal
    Mansee Singhal


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  • Godelieve Van Dooren
    Godelieve Van Dooren

    Industry Leader for APAC - Mercer

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  • Arathi Deo
    Arathi Deo

    Senior Manager (Machine Learning) - Amazon

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  • Suresh Ramdas
    Suresh Ramdas

    Project Manager & Head Pride ERG Chapter - HP Inc

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  • Udayan Dhar
    Udayan Dhar

    Founder - Mingle

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  • Sangeeta Gupta
    Sangeeta Gupta

    Senior Vice President - NASSCOM

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  • Dr. Sandhya Chintala
    Dr. Sandhya Chintala

    VP & Executive Director - NASSCOM Sector Skills Council

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  • K S Meenakshi
    K S Meenakshi

    Managing Director & Global HR Head - Credit Suisse

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  • Noazer Dalal
    Noazer Dalal

    COO- Tata Business Support Systems

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  • Sadhana Somasekhar
    Sadhana Somasekhar

    Founder - Zeus Career & Performance

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  • Ritesh Rajani
    Ritesh Rajani

    Diversity Champion - IBM

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  • Vishal Agrawal
    Vishal Agrawal

    Trader - Standard Chartered

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  • Javed Abidi
    Javed Abidi

    Director NCPEDP, Founder Disability Rights Group

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  • Sreela Das Gupta
    Sreela Das Gupta

    Diversity Chanpion - TCS

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  • Pravin Tatavarti
    Pravin Tatavarti

    Managing Director, Allegis

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  • Pavithra Y S
    Pavithra Y S

    Managing Director, Vindhya Infotech

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  • Manickavelu

    Program Head- Assistive Technologies

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  • Mohan Sundaram
    Mohan Sundaram

    Business Leadership

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  • Dipesh Sutariya
    Dipesh Sutariya

    Managing Director Enable India Solutions

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  • Arindam Banerrji
    Arindam Banerrji

    Partner, & FS Lead Partner for Global Inhouse Centers

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  • Mahesh Srinivasan
    Mahesh Srinivasan

    Head- Talen Acquisition Fidelity India

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  • Anshu Gupta
    Anshu Gupta

    Head- Partner Platform Paypal

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  • Shantha Maheshwari
    Shantha Maheshwari

    MD Products Industry Portfolio - Accenture

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  • Priya Krishnan
    Priya Krishnan

    CEO Founding Years Learning Solutions

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  • Dr. Medha Samant
    Dr. Medha Samant

    Founder Annapurna Pariwar

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  • Meenakshi Dewan
    Meenakshi Dewan

    Centre Director & Sustainability Leader, HSBC India

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  • Srinivasan Ramaswami
    Srinivasan Ramaswami

    Chief of Staff, Intuit

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  • Vidya Lakshmi
    Vidya Lakshmi

    MD & Head HR Goldman Sachs India

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  • Asha Poulose Johnson
    Asha Poulose Johnson

    Chief Information Officer, GE Power Services, South Asia

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  • Kavitha Babu
    Kavitha Babu

    Director and Commercial Attorney - Corporate, External & Legal Affairs, Microsoft, India.

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  • Sreekanth K Arimanithaya
    Sreekanth K Arimanithaya

    Managing Director, India & Global Head- Workforce Management at CSC

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  • Rosalee Kombial
    Rosalee Kombial

    Associate Vice President - People Function

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  • Tapan Rayaguru
    Tapan Rayaguru

    Senior Vice President - Business Analytics and Research at Fidelity Investments

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  • Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma

    Practice Lead at Fidelity Investments

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  • Ramkrishna Sinha
    Ramkrishna Sinha

    D&I Consultant & Graphics Hardware Engineer Intel

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