DESIGN STORM SUTD-MIT IDC Workshop on ‘Design Innovation’

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DESIGN STORM SUTD-MIT IDC Workshop on ‘Design Innovation’


Thursday, July 11th, 2019
Time : 09:00 am- 06:00 pm

DESIGN STORM SUTD-MIT IDC Workshop on ‘Design Innovation’

NASSCOM DESIGN4INDIA in partnership with Singapore University of Technology & Design - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Industrial Design Centre (SUTD - MIT IDC) presents you with a workshop on Design Innovation. Through our workshop, we want to push the concepts of experience design and design thinking; how they play a critical role in contributing towards innovation and value creation in todays context.

Design Coach

Dr. Arlindo Silva - Associate Professor, Engineering Product Development Pillar, SUTD Senior Fellow, SUTD Academy.

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND: Design Innovation (DI) is a design process that is user-centric and begins with the execution of specific design methods. This one day workshop will introduce participants to design thinking and will deploy hands-on exercises and training in design innovation methods.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This workshop is exclusively for the Senior Management / CXOs.


  • To introduce the participants to an alternative way of problem solving: Design Innovation and its contribution to value creation 
  • Participants to gain hands-on experience in using the DI process
  • Participants to experience the core principles of Design Innovation.
  • To entice participants to apply the design way of thinking within their work and extend their repertoire of design methods.
Date and time
Thursday, July 11th,2019 - 09:00 am- 06:00 pm
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Limited seating capacity.
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