COVID-19 has been a key driver to push organizations to rethink their business and operating model. It has made them think fast and execute faster. A New Normal is fast emerging and while it is difficult yet to paint out an exact picture, most of us have developed an understanding of the possibilities.

It is a chance for GCCs to emerge as a strong value differentiator by quickly remodeling itself to address the business models of the future and shape and support the organization priorities through this transformation

The series is a combination of leadership talks, fireside chats and panel discussions. It is a great platform planned by NASSCOM to bring together ignited minds and influencers from the industry on a common platform to help us understand.

  • 01
    Emerging Operating Models
    • June 08th, 2020
    • 11:00 AM

    The discussion will focus on exploring the future operating models and team structures that may emerge because of the COVID experience. This situation will force organizations to adopt a remote culture of operation and engagement. The discussion will delve into the impact on role, capability mix, and engagement model of GCCs.The discussion will try to also identify the downstream impact that this will have on processes and tools and supporting policies that may have to see.

  • 02
    Technology & Infrastructure needs to enable emerging operating models
    • June 16th, 2020
    • 03:00 PM

    COVID has forced most companies to speed up their digital transformation journey and also tested their BCP readiness. The operating model is surely to change and this will need a strong foundation of technology to support the same. This discussion will focus on laying down a blueprint of the technology and infrastructure needs that have to enable for the long term. Discussion will also touch upon financial and policy impacts as well as what will be the ask from government.

  • 03
    People and Skill needs to enable emerging operating models
    • June 23rd, 2020
    • 04:00 PM

    The role and expectations from GCCs may evolve significantly along with new operating model. It is possible that GCCs can leverage remote as a strength and bring in new capabilities and take on additional ownership. This may need a complete re-think on employee lifecycle, policies, processes, and talent profile. The stream will focus on discussions on what will be new talent needs, people practices, and policies that will be required to support the new GCC.

  • 04
    GCC of 2025
    • June 30th, 2020
    • 04:30 PM

    The session is a futuristic outlook on how will GCCs evolve by 2025 and what will be the persona of a highly matured, transformational GCC that will emerge as a strong value contributor to the overall organization. The discussion will present the thoughts of industry leaders and influencers in helping us understand that the elements of the foundation layer has to be put in place now to ensure we are ready for the model center of 2025

    Important Note - Due to PM address to the nation at 4pm, the session will begin at 4:30pm

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