NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2019

Bringing the new face of our flagship event.

The popularly known NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF) is being re-branded to NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF). Technology is at the heart of businesses today and is reshaping strategy, culture, jobs, policy and everything we do. NTLF will create a platform which brings together technology and leaders to not only talk about tech but the ‘business of tech’.

If you are not innovating with tech, you can be disrupted is at the heart of this decision. Everything we will discuss will have a Leadership and Technology focus. We are widening our thought leadership reach in our endeavour to give you more in-depth insights.

NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2019
#TheNext: Opportunity vs Reality

The complex scenarios generated by today’s multiple disruption is generating new threats that in fact conceal new opportunities. That’s why, for the next edition of NTLF in 2019, we have taken cue from its immediate predecessor (2018) to lay emphasis on the theme #TheNext: Opportunity vs Reality. We will take a step back, and discuss where things "really" are in terms of adoption of new technologies, the pace of adoption, the level of disruption and the real impact delivered.

Key Messages

  • The CEO’s Technology Agenda: As every company pivots to be a technology & data company, NTLF will provide the platform to hear from CEOs on their technology agenda & why technology is the competitive differentiator.
  • The Potential-Reality Debate: There is a lot of talk on disruptive tech – AI, Blockchain, IOT, Mixed Reality, Quantum Computing. We take a 1-3-5 year lens on which technologies are becoming mainstream and which are still at a nascent stage.
  • The Changing Leadership Imperative: At NTLF this year, we debate the changing leadership imperatives- new mindsets, new business models, new org structures, to make way for disruptive tech to be at core of the business.
  • India Next: Each theme at NTLF will look at what it means for India, how can we solve for India

Key Takeaways

  • Whenever people learn something sufficiently well, they cease to be aware of it. This is true for all great inventions of the past. This is the future of AI and other disruptive technologies. One day, it will all be ubiquitous and we will simply stop to marvel at it, and take it for granted.
  • Culture is a very important consideration. One should never adopt tech without being very clear about the objectives. For instance, will AI adoption really help what I want to achieve?
  • Right now, the secret sauce or the X-factor is about leveraging these emerging technologies to create a point of differentiation.
  • It’s most important that we are able to distil results from hype. We tend to overestimate the effect of technology in the short run and underestimate its effect in the long run.
  • In the past, certain business functions were considered to be reactive but aided by advanced tech they have rapidly adopted a proactive approach.
  • The way consumer experience is witnessing heightened levels of gratification, businesses & governments can no more stay out of it when delivering customer/citizen-centric services through digital.
  • For a Mobile-First generation, an inferior experience is not acceptable. Design Thinking is at the core of this idea. What is it the businesses & govt. is trying to solve through technology and the interfaces will have to be designed accordingly.
  • Earlier, customer outreach followed a broadcast method. Today, it’s far more personalized, private and on a digital platform. If it’s going to be personalized then we have to be 100% sure that the content is relevant.
  • The next 100 million mobile users are likely to be very different, particularly their education level and data consumption patterns. The “mobile first” strategy is inescapable for most businesses.
  • Brands must adhere to a common purpose – defined by the organization.
  • The shortage of talent is a global phenomenon, albeit in varying degrees. While companies and governments fully recognize its importance but at the same time a significant number has also admitted to under-preparedness.
  • Growth is sustainable only if we get the talent supply right. Demand outstripping supply for a very long time is not a favorable situation to get into, the electric pace of change notwithstanding. We have to constantly think out-of-the-box and innovate in our relentless pursuit to derive value.
  • The four parameters that must be borne in mind – inclusivity, efficiency, transparency and empowerment. Empowerment without interference is a trade-off between encouraging innovations while building a regulatory mechanism to subvert misuse.
  • Growth will come, if we are able to innovate at the time of chaos and uncertainty and be constantly on our toes to determine, “what comes next.”
  • Robots AND humans will drive productivity. The former will augment the latter. Right now there’s no real threat of a robotic apocalypse. Most of the AI that we see are really in the domain of Narrow AI.
  • For Indian IT, the big step-up is about moving from being solution providers to strategic partners.
  • If data is the new oil then China is the next Saudi Arabia – with reference to the sheer volume of data the country generates. We’d do well to note that the Chinese government doubles up as a local partner. As leading adopters, they help propagate technology.
  • Data rules. It will be all about how data is being mined to draw insights which will determine the future course of action. Winners and losers will be separated by how they use data. The quality of data is yet another concern.
  • “Walls” signify both physical and virtual.
  • “Later” is officially over.

  • The challenge before leaders right now is about de-carbonizing the planet. Nations which are on a high growth trajectory may well argue that now it’s “their turn”. To an extent they may even be justified but really it’s a collective responsibility which we will all have to shoulder.
  • We are in the business of knowledge as well which can be used to our great advantage, like technology. However, people are trying to use technology without knowing sufficiently, what the problem is (knowledge). It’s often leading to disastrous consequences.
  • When we try to understand the world today we have to consider Markets, Mother Nature & Moore’s Law in tandem. These three are interwoven and can seldom be seen in isolation. These forces are impacting local politics, geo-politics, workplace, ethics and communities.
  • Whatever can be done through technology will be done. If we don’t, be sure someone else will.
  • Today, any one of us has the power to do great damage. Just as this is possible due to tech, as a community we can all act responsibly and prevent it from happening.
  • Today there’s a severe trust deficit and we have to address this before it turns into a crisis. A collaborative approach is required when addressing these concerns.

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