Tech Café - Experience the Future

Do you have a disruptive solution that you wish to showcase?

The Tech Café is the place where you experience the future, get real life experiences and understand business use cases of digital disruption. Each day, select companies will showcase their solutions on a disruptive theme to the 2000+ global leaders present at the event.

DAY 01

The Power of Data

Showcase how your AI/Analytics/ IOT solution is changing technology adoption and creating a new paradigm.

DAY 02

The Next Reality

Showcase solutions across AR/VR/MR that are disrupting the way we work and are blurring the lines between Reality and Fiction!

DAY 03

Tech for Good

Showcase a product or technology that creates a positive social impact.

It’s awesome and it’s free! We charge nothing!

Yes, you read it right. All you need is an amazing product and the doors are open for you! So why wait! Apply now

Last date to send in your entries is 15th January 2019.