Six months of hard work, collaboration and active participation of 100+ crowd-source champions, Product Council members, NASSCOM team and volunteers culminated in the confluence of the Indian software product ecosystem on the 2nd-3rd November at the NASSCOM Product Conclave(NPC) 2017 at Bangalore. The buzz was truly amazing and the networking noteworthy. The crowds poured in and queued up patiently to view their favourite speaker, catch the intense discussions and partake of all that makes NPC stands for!

NPC is now synonymous with the amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem of the innovative software products developed, engineered, marketed and sold from India worldwide. Our theme this year was "Innovation Fuelling India's Digital revolution". The assimilation of digitisation and technology that is now occurring in every business in India, spanning across all sectors from Retail/Ecommerce to Banking, from Manufacturing to Healthcare, Telco etc., is enabling India to leapfrog straight into the next-generation of technologies, systems and products whether in the realm of Big Data & Analytics, Cloud/SaaS, AI, VR, AR, Robotics or IoT. It is at this junction where innovation comes into play.

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Launch of Deep Tech Club
Society is at the cusp of a new revolution with exponential Technologies, especially AI, promising to enhance wealth, health and human freedom beyond imagination. NASSCOM has always been at the frontier of new trends in the IT arena and has launched the Deep Tech Club. The DeepTech Club will provide multi-pronged assistance and help inculcate an environment which is conducive to the growth of Deep Tech in our country. We will incorporate 20 curated members as Core Club members and NASSCOM will then nurture and promote them by helping them connect with mentors, investors, academia and corporates. We will also aim to enable them in expanding their skill sets to set them up as successful techpreneurs. The program will help these ventures with go-to-market, scale-up, technology development, fundraising and international expansion. The goal, therefore, would be to help these DeepTech ventures succeed. These core members would be picked from 3 segments:

1. Lab to Market: Academic projects or companies not yet in the market

2. Pre-Revenue: Companies in product development or not customer-validated yet

3. Post-Revenue: Companies with customers using the product

In addition we will also open up this club to Associate Members who would be able to access Learning material, updates and get invited to events

Apply here to be an Associate member and get access to skilling sessions, events, connects, interactions and other activities!
Stay tuned for Deep Tech events to be announced!

What’s new at NASSCOM Product
In order to encourage interaction, build communities and get like-minded people into deep discussions on topics that matter, NASSCOM announces its series of Breakfast Roundtable series. Starting with AI, concerted interactions will cover SaaS, retail, healthtech, fintech and a host of other topics winding its way across India.


IDC estimated that the AI market will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020. “Artificial Intelligence” today includes a variety of technologies and tools, some time-tested, others relatively new.
Join us for an engaging, by Invite only, Exclusive conversation on how AI is offered as a Platform, and how the fledgling startup ecosystem can and should leverage AI platforms for their business models - Using APIs, Data sets and of course Best practices.

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