NASSCOM Product Council endeavours to partner with industry and subject matter experts to build a network of evangelists who drive the innovation agenda across the Indian software product ecosystem. We thrive to engage on latest and futuristic technologies, product and business problems & solutions and therefore help in the enhancement of capabilities and skills for product companies.

The objective is to create a platform to upskill as well as to dive into future technologies like AI, ML, NLP, AR, VR, Blockchain, etc, as well as Product Management, GTM, Sales and Marketing skills.

What We Do

This initiative runs offline as well as online learning series. The offline sessions, in the form of hands-on workshops of 3 to 6 hours, are conducted on limited and specific topics. Online sessions are run in the form of webinar-series on variety of subjects, virtual panel discussions/unconference sessions etc.

The online sessions include a 60 minute virtual interaction comprising an interesting presentation followed by a Q&A session which helps the audience to share their doubts & assists in bringing actual real life challenges to the table.

Product Webinars & Workshops

  • Adoption Of NLP In Healthcare And Life Sciences Industries - A Perspective On NextGen Of Industry

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Upcoming Formats

Industry leaders who drive strategy and execution behind this Pillar and help recruit industry leaders and experts to conduct webinars on a host of Product topics.

  • Nishant Chandra
    Nishant Chandra
    Sr. Director, Data Products
  • Yogesh Rao
    Yogesh Rao
    Head of Product Management
    Optum Global Solutions
  • Tathagat Verma
    Tathagat Verma
    Country Manager
  • Nitin Varshney
    Nitin Varshney
    Product Manager
    UnitedHealth Group
  • Amit Agarwal
    Amit Agarwal
    Senior Vice President
  • Ravi Padaki
    Ravi Padaki
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Srikanth Chunduri
    Srikanth Chunduri
  •  Ganesh Chandrasekaran
    Ganesh Chandrasekaran
    Samsung Research
  • Kaustubh P
    Kaustubh P
    Co-Founder and CTO
    Advott Media Private Limited
  • Atul Batra
    Atul Batra
    NASSCOM Product Council
  • Ujwal Tickoo
    Ujwal Tickoo
    Vice President - Product Management
  • Irfan Khan
    Irfan Khan
    Digital Economist
  • Manish Gupta
    Manish Gupta
    Vice President - Sales
  • Nitin Palecha
    Nitin Palecha
    Senior Product Manager
  • Ankita Chauhan
    Ankita Chauhan
    Product Lead - Product Council

Please reach out to us at pc-skilldev@nasscom.in for participation, suggestion on speakers, topics and ideas.

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