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NASSCOM, a not-for-profit industry association, is the apex body for the 154 billion dollar Indian IT BPM industry.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, referred to NASSCOM as a “revolution”, beyond its time-tested role as an association.

Established in 1988, NASSCOM has relentlessly catalysed the Indian IT BPM industry in its journey towards building an innovation led growth sector, with transformative business models, expanding its value proposition and becoming a partner of choice for global businesses.



  • Devendra Fadnavis

    India Next – Leading the Change

    In 2018, India overtook China as the fastest growing major economy in the world. This historic economic growth has been propelled by government reforms, business innovation, and a dynamic young workforce. At a time when the global working-age population is declining, India is set to make massive gains from its demographic dividend.

  • Turning India’s Big Audacious Goal into Reality

    The 10 Trillion $ economy vision in the next 8 years is exactly the kind of a big audacious goal India needs to step out of the comfort zone we are in today. To get to $10 Trillion in 8 years, we will have to grow a little over 10% vis-a-vis the current growth rate of ~7.5%, and precisely why incremental improvements is NOT going to cut it.

  • budget

    Key Highlights of Interim Budget 2019 - Impact on Technology sector

    The Interim Budget for the financial year 2019- 20 was presented in the Parliament on 1st February 2019. Since it was an interim budget no significant policy announcements were expected. From the IT sector perspective, the focus on digital India mission is as per expectations and it would be important for NASSCOM and its members to work closely with the Government to shape the digital ecosystem.

  • Brexit

    Brexit Vote - Overview and Implications

    On January 29, the UK Parliament voted in favour of PM May’s Brexit deal if alternative arrangements are found to the Irish backstop. The Parliament supported May’s deal if an alternative can be found to the current Irish backstop proposal that aims to keep open the Irish border in all circumstances.

  • NISC. Connect. Learn. Grow

    NISC 2019 – Capturing an Unevenly Distributed Future

    Kolkata houses about 600 IT SMEs out of the 15000 that there are in India. It isn’t very high from a numbers standpoint, and yet, the sheer energy we witnessed at NISC 2019 (NASSCOM International SME Conference), one couldn’t be faulted for thinking the City of Joy to be the vortex of all SME activity.

  • Conference

    SLUSH – A Great Way to Connect in the Nordics

    Global events like Slush are perfect platforms for getting people to discover your product and if you are lucky, that elusive “Aha Moment” may just be a splash away making the right kind of noise. There are just so many people, ideas being shared, networks being established that one seeks to make the loop go viral.

  • LHIF

    LHIF – Care-Continuum Being Re-calibrated by Technology

    LHIF (Life Sciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum) is a NASSCOM CoE IoT / AI initiative, a collaborative platform actually, for the healthcare delivery eco-system. It seeks out and showcases innovations in this area so let’s see what the 4th edition of LHIF (20th Dec, Mumbai) had for us. The platform is unique in many ways and not least due to that fact that doctors and tech leaders share an equal space here to bring forth two very distinct angles – feasibility and scope from a medical practitioner’s point of view and the veritable tech


    SIDCOP – Fostering a Sino-Indian Digital Partnership

    Increasing global footprints beyond our traditional markets has been a focus area. In this, China has a special significance and not least because of their strength in hardware which when effectively combined with our software prowess, can lead to smart solutions being created. Sino Indian Digital Cooperation Platform (SIDCOP) has been unveiled. It’s an online platform which will reimagine the entire technology process from value ideation to value realization, particularly reducing the time taken for procurement.

  • Immigration

    UK Immigration White Paper – Assessment

    The UK Government (UKG)  published its Immigration White Paper yesterday. The Paper outlines proposals for UK’s future immigration system that will be in effect post 31-December-2020 (that is, after the “Brexit Implementation Period” gets over. Current rules will continue to apply till Dec-2020).

  • Rocket image

    NASSCOM Futureskills Develops Qualification Packs on AI & BDA

    One of the key milestones achieved is the development of qualification packs and model curriculums for 19 job roles related to AI (Artificial Intelligence) & BDA (Big Data Analytics) that has been approved by NSDC (National Skills Development Corporation). This is a significant milepost that marks the beginning of a new era for skilling on next-gen technologies.

  • Gartner Symposium

    Key Takeaways from CIOs at the Gartner Symposium

    The AnZ (Aus & NZ) IT market opportunity is one of high growth and attractive for Indian IT providers. The Gartner Symposium, Gold Coast is a large scale programme in which we participate every year and is a veritable part of our market strategy for the region. The end users’ participation is impressive, spanning across the sectors of BFSI, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Govt. Automotive, Real Estate & Utilities. It posits a great opportunity for our member companies to network, understand market trends from global

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"NASSCOM works with diverse stakeholders to build focused initiatives that enable the growth of the sector through policy advocacy, skill building, research, startup programs, facilitate business and increase industry outreach."

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Through the looking glass: Are IT and ITeS SMEs geared for the next growth wave?
The IT-BPM industry has seen disruptions in recent times with the emergence of digital technologies. Tech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are well placed to quickly adapt to these changes because of their small team size and agile mindset.
Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration
NASSCOM’s “Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration” underlines how Enterprises and Start-ups work together to solve the industry issues and create new products and services.
Cognitive RPA – The Future of Automation
NASSCOM report titled ‘Cognitive RPA – The Future of Automation’ highlights the state of Robotic Process Automation and how it would evolve with advancements in cognitive technologies. The report covers trends and drivers that are shaping-up RPA growth,
Talent Demand & Supply Report: AI & Big Data Analytics
This report is part of NASSCOM’s larger initiative to bridge employability gaps within the Indian IT industry. It showcases how the demand for highly-qualified, experienced and technically-adept talent in the field of AI and BDA outstrips the current supply and... [Read More]
Vernacular Solutions: “Diversity in Language”
NASSCOM’s Vernacular Solutions: “Diversity in Language” report underlines the evolving need of multilingual solutions in India and how different stake holders are working towards it. The report covers both India and global perspective to develop a holistic viewpoint.

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    NASSCOM Shares Recommendations from the IT-ITES Industry for the Union Budget 2019-20

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  • NASSCOM’S product council announced the second batch of the DeepTech Club
    NASSCOM’S product council announced the second batch of the DeepTech Club

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  • NASSCOM Partners With Prefectural Govt Of Hiroshima To Develop It Corridor To Promote Co-Create Culture Between Japan And India
    NASSCOM Partners With Prefectural Govt Of Hiroshima To Develop It Corridor To Promote Co-Create Culture Between Japan And India

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  • India’s NASSCOM signs First MoU in the MENA region with Dubai Internet City to further support and boost UAE’s SME ecosystem
    India’s NASSCOM signs First MoU in the MENA region with Dubai Internet City to further support and boost UAE’s SME ecosystem

    18th October, 2018, Dubai-UAE: Dubai Internet City (DIC), the leading technology community in the... View Details