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Report Launch @ NASSCOM ILF 2017

The IT-BPM Sector in India: Strategic Review 2017 will get launched on
17th February, 2017.

Awards @ NASSCOM ILF 2017

25th Edition

Come 2017, it would be 25 glorious years since we staged NILF for the very first time, which has come to secure its place as our flagship event over decades of sustained delivery excellence. In the recent years, the change has been pivoted on digital, its multi-disciplinary impact on the industry, and how successful organisations have levered this to strike optimum balance. This edition � the twenty-fifth in the series � is themed on, Digital Inflection Point: Re-imagine not Re-engineer. The intent is to present rich case studies on how global and Indian companies are leveraging these shifts, and how the technology provider�s ecosystem can be a disruptive partner. The outcome will be two-fold: outline a call to action for participants, and leave them with actionable insights.

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Key Themes



Shaping the
business landscape

  • Everything as-a software

    Information revolution starts to impact and transform old economy

  • Exponentials take off

    Exponential technologies disrupting balance of power

  • End of two speed world

    Agile�s success and broadening footprint make two-speed IT irrelevant

  • Emerging markets

    Increased internet penetration offer big potential for digital growth

  • Erosion of borders

    Advancements in technology is shrinking the world and making borders irrelevant



disruptive trends

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of things
  • Augmented reality
  • Big data & advanced analytics
  • Mobility



For IT/BPM sector

  • Being adaptive
  • Open innovation
  • Smart simplicity
  • Personalization
  • New business models



To make it real

  • Design thinking
  • Talent/ Culture
  • Ecosystems
  • Corporate venturing
  • Digital workspace



To dissolve

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Digital trust
  • Societal impact
  • Productivity paradox



For partnership opportunities, please contact: Mukesh Rawat at +91 120 4990145 or mukesh@nasscom.in

We welcome you to
tech-cafe@ NILF

A Sneak preview of the future
Day 1
    "Parallax Labs will be demonstrating how Augmented Reality can be used to eradicate the complex process of Spare Parts Management and Visualisations of the real-time machine performance data. Come, experience the future now. " www.parallax.co.in
  • Zab Zuba
    Solaright is an ambient yet hardcore puzzle game for virtual reality. When you put on the VR headsets, you'll see a cube and 15 tiles on each face of the cube. A solar station is placed on one tile, while others are the electrical towers. You have to connect the towers to each other & the solar power station to complete the circuit. Once the circuit is completed, the cube gets lit up while the next adventure awaits for you. Solaright has a peaceful zen-like vibe that lets you get completely immersed into a different world! http://zabuzalabs.com
    Fluid AI turns any screen in-store into a smart and interactive screen using artificial intelligence. It talks to customers who walk in front of it and puts them in a digital environment where they can explore about the product using their gestures. www.fluid.ai
  • Loop Reality
    LoopFit is a multiplayer VR fitness solution. Its balanced combination of hardware and software provides a fully immersive experience of outdoor environments, indoors. Integrated with wearables, it provides actionable metrics to keep your daily fitness routine active. www.loopreality.com
  • Qure.ai
    Qure.ai develops artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare imaging. Our deep learning algorithms classify X-rays, CT scans or MRIs as normal or abnormal, diagnose disease, and identify, outline and quantify regions of interest. They help free up physician time, prioritize cases that need special attention, and enable more accurate diagnosis, leading to better outcomes for patients, at lower costs. At the NILF tech cafe, preview the solutions in virtual reality. www.qure.ai
    Powered by intelligence from the Infosys AI platform MANA, and hardware from Microsoft HoloLens, here�s a retail experience like no other. Envisioning the future of retail warehouses and retail stores, MANA unveils the power of augmented reality and how it can benefit retail planners and amplify shopping experiences in retail stores.
  • Tata Communications
    Join Lewis Hamilton on a virtual tour behind the scenes The Tata Communications Virtual Reality (VR) experience provides you a first person perspective on the technological marvel of F1 racing. You will virtually meet World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who will take you on a journey to his car trackside, Mercedes F1� Headquarters and along Tata Communications� Global Network to showcase how superior connectivity provides the Championship winning team a competitive advantage; the Speed to Lead�. https://www.tatacommunications.com/speedlead/amg.php
  • IBM
    Every third bite of food we eat is from a pollinated plant and beekeeping is vital to the agriculture industry, and ecosystem- fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals, supply-chain. Weather can have a $500 billion annual impact on the this economy. Experience in virtual reality how IBM Watson power by Weather Company focusses on 162 different forecast models predict the exact time and location for immediate actions
  • Merxius
    RED is a one-of-its-kind Virtual Reality creation tool. Architects, engineers, designers or any one working with 3D can simply import a model and create amazing VR experiences with just a few clicks. With RED, #AnyBodyCanVR!

    At the Tech Cafe, visitors will learn how to repair a jet engine using their bare hands! Alternatively, they can walk around in a beautiful villa customizing the interiors. We'll be showcasing how RED can be used to create these and other VR experiences. http://merxius.in
  • Manthan
    Maya�, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered conversation agent for Business Analytics. With Maya, users can interact with sophisticated business applications as if they were human using natural language and receive AI-powered insights instantly to questions related to their business for decision making on the fly. https://www.manthan.com/
Day 2
    A Retail IoT solution enabling seamless customer experience in a store by detecting the items added in the bag, keeping a running tally & transmitting the information to a clienteling app. The sales assistant can use the clienteling app to engage with the customer based on items added to bag, up sell/cross sell & finally help the customer experience a frictionless check out process. https://www.capgemini.com/the-connected-bag
  • Cisco
    Infosys Entertainment Experience Platform (IEEP) is a next-gen fan engagement platform which connects multiple physical & digital things (Location information, BLE beacons, WiFi access points, Venue camera, Jumbotron, ticketing, seating arrangements, live stats feed, access control turnstiles, merchandise booths, social content etc.) to offer a rich user experience as well as create new revenue streams for venue owners and partners
  • Bosch
    Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) is a process for analyzing changes in the voltage and current going into an establishment and deducing what devices are used in the premises as well as their individual energy consumption pattern. Technology USP of NILM: Uses signal processing and machine learning techniques to disaggregate total load into individual appliances. Solution architecture is unique to Bosch NILM solution helps customers in the following ways, 1. Operational Optimization :
    a. Energy Monitoring
    b. Device usage pattern
    c. Pilferage detection
    d. Power management
    2. Asset Management :
    a. Device run-hours tracking
    b. Asset quality management
  • Covacsis
  • IBM
    Watson powered Cognitive Security with NAO Robot - Demonstrate the power of Watson through NAO robot acting as Airline assistant doing the security checks and assisting in boarding procedures. This demo uses Watson speech and visual recognition API to enable Nao robot to understand natural language, recognize face and recognize text on boarding pass, thereby enabling it to act as an assistant. Though the demo is specific for airline but it helps to understand how artificial intelligence can be used to digitize front desk.
  • Zenatix
    See live energy and temperature data from real sites from well known retail chains across different segments such as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Supermarkets, Bank-ATMs and Cold storage. Real time data will give them a good sense of how energy consumption pattern varies over a day of operation and what are the saving opportunities.
  • Global Logic
    Through Smart Racks see how orders reach end customer in shortest possible time, reduce the possibility of incorrect deliveries from the warehouse and increase quality metrics? https://www.globallogic.com/
  • Tata Technologies
    Real time tilt management for industrial/avionics applications. Tilt the aircraft and see the real time values. https://www.globallogic.com/
  • Tech Mahindra
    Tech Mahindra�s Telehealth platform offers an efficient way to manage patients with chronic conditions, deliver post-acute care Patient Management and elderly care. Telehealth enables the aggregation of patients� health data into a single platform. The availability of patient vitals data, fitness and wellness information, diagnostic reports, health history information in a single monitoring dashboard enhances collaboration in decision making, simplifies health management, reduces errors and improves outcomes. It empowers patients, improves patient experience and promotes a patient centric, wellness driven proactive healthcare delivery model that can reduce emergencies and hospital re-admissions.
Day 3
    SoundRex is the next generation of Sound Technology through a wearable speaker band. Tens of thousands of spatially distributed speakers create a highly immersive sound experience and enable a new dimension of creativity for artists. https://www.soundrex.com
  • Maher Soft
    Indie is a Desktop 3D Printer designed and developed in India by Maher Soft. Indie significantly reduces the product development life cycle of a product by allowing the user to 3D Print functional models and bring their ideas to life at an affordable price. www.mahersoft.com
    Miko is India�s first companion robot capable of engaging, educating, and entertaining a child. Miko is a gizmo, buddy, and developmental aid all rolled into a puppy-sized package. www.emotix.in
    Prysm is a leading provider of cloud-based digital canvas solutions to many of the world�s largest global enterprises. The company�s Visual Workplace platform drives digital transformation, ignites innovative thinking and accelerates teamwork by unifying all relevant data, content, applications and tools on hyper-visual, always-on digital canvases. www.prysm.com
    Humanoid robot - MITRA can recognize faces of delegates and visitors walking in and can interact with them through voice. MITRA is built for corporate front offices, hotel receptions,Health-care front desk and retail outlets.www.mitrarobot.com
  • IBM
    Learn how to control Drone autonomously with Watson IoT Platform. Use emotive headset to control the drone with your thoughts. Also, the drone will take a selfie of the participants and post it in twitter.
  • Cyclops Medtech
    BalanceEyeTM is a clinical diagnostic device for diagnosing vertigo, balance disorders and stroke / trans ischemic attacks (TIA) with acute vertiginous symptoms. The solution stack is made up of hardware layer, software layer and cloud layer with robust image processing and machine learning engines and has applications in ENT, Neurology and Emergency Care. www.balanceeye.com
  • Drona Aviation
    Drone consumers globally want different things from their drone - pleasure flying, aerial photography / cinematography, selfies, and others. For every experience, they need to buy a new drone. We are changing that. At Drona Aviation, we build and sell palm sized DIY drones. Consumers can use these drones and developers can build apps on these drones and share / sell these to the consumers through a user friendly app. All on the same hardware & software platform
  • Global Logic
    From real-time vehicle diagnostics to customizable entertainment apps, advanced in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions are becoming a driving force in the automotive industry. However, while Android or Linux operating systems are promising there are limitations around reliability, security, and boot time. To overcome these roadblocks, GlobalLogic has developed the Nautilus platform, a set of automotive IVI solution accelerators that includes architectural concepts, a modified Android OS distribution, and advanced UI concepts. https://www.globallogic.com/
  • &

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Bandra Kurla Complex, Off Western Express
Highway, Santacruz (East) Mumbai, India, 400 055,

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Leadership Awards

The NASSCOM Global Leadership Awards (GLA) felicitate some of the most renowned names from the world of business and technology. The awards are presented to individuals for their role in building business excellence and technology leadership within their organizations, in the areas such as vision, excellence in IT usage, technology innovation, thought and business leadership.

Set up in 2005, these awards are given at a high profile awards evening organized in conjunction with the India Leadership Forum.

The awards evening in 2017 took place on February 15, 2017.

This year’s winners of Global Leadership Awards are:

  • Global CEO

    Ginni Rometty

    Ginni Rometty

    Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM

  • Business transformation leader

    William Ruh

    William Ruh

    CDO, GE & CEO, GE Digital, General Electric

  • Digital Evangelist

    Neal Jeremy Cross

    Neal Jeremy Cross

    Chief Innovation Officer, DBS Bank Ltd

  • Tech Innovator

    Kiran Bhat

    Kiran Bhat

    Co-founder and CTO, Loom.ai


NASSCOM event has been giving you a complete networking platform clubbed with multiple benefits. Please join us using the below appropriate badges as a part of your signatures/online properties

The 25th Edition

'Digital' has transcended from being sceptically viewed as a fad trend to being a glorified x-factor in business to, in fact, now becoming the success imperative � the unarguable phenomenon that must seamlessly reflect in your end-to-end value chain, all while it transforms that very value chain.

That, Digital is disruptive and is the way forward to achieve non-linear outcome-based growth is now well accepted, copiously documented and keenly adopted across industry verticals. However, most companies still struggle with the nuts and bolts, the tactical actions and underlying changes to successfully achieve digital at scale. This is increasingly the focus of CEOs and their leadership teams, including the boards.

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF), is the apex body�s flagship event which attracts 2000+ participants from far and wide to attend this global conference, which really is the melting pot of latest thoughts and thought leaders alike. For all those who have been following us, the last two editions have predominantly been about the �what� of this ubiquitous idea behind Digital. We believe, arguably, that next few years will be the inflection point for digital as it moves from being merely mainstream to becoming a fully scaled play. In such a scenario, success will be driven by going beyond piecemeal digital "wins" to making bold moves and more fundamental changes in how businesses are managed and goods and services are delivered. In order to help the leadership effectively address this massive shift, at the twenty-fifth year of the NILF, the intent is to build a stronger focus on the "how" aspect and essentially deliberate on "Re-imagining for Digital @ Scale". We will strive to really drill down to the elements to make Digital real for you and your organization.

During the 2-day event, global thought leaders, technology evangelists and industry veterans will not only deliberate on the Megatrends and disruptive Technologies but also define the Imperatives, expound on the Enablers and decode the Dilemmas through an optimal mix of plenaries, masterclasses, panel discussions and experience zones. Rest assured, there will be plenty for you to muse, reflect and absorb as we navigate through the following 25 themes:

As a participant, you are expected to walk away with pragmatic actions/ building blocks that you could meaningfully apply to deploy digital @ scale in your organization.