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DIY Blockchain - Make your own Blockchain Use Case


Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
Time : 02:30 pm- 03:30 pm

DIY Blockchain - Make your own Blockchain Use Case

In 1st  episode we discussed the essence of Blockchains and the problems we can solve with them. Moving ahead let’s dive deeper into this technology and see what, how and where we can utilize this emerging phenomenon to create private and public ecosystems to ensure we can tackle government and enterprise type applications .

This episode will be framed on the tremendous feedback received from audience. There were multiple requests for discussing use cases therefore the major focus will be on the use cases.

While registering for the session, under ‘Questions & Comments’ in your registration form please fill in your industry of choice along with the specific use case. For instance, if you would like to discuss a ‘Fintech Use Case’, since most of the subject areas are quite broad, please ensure you mention the specific area of requirement such as Payments, Loans, or Asset Management.

A general financial use case can also be created if needed.

While registering please mention under questions & comments anyone of the following [mention any one]:

Enterprise Applications: “Fintech – Payments” or “Agriculture – Farm to Plate” or “Manufacturing - Supply chain”

Public Applications: “Secure Public File Storage and Sharing” or “Self Sovereign Identity” or “Energy Distribution”

The top 3 use cases will be selected and discussed in the next episode.

Irfan Khan Digital Economist,
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Tuesday, May 28th,2019 - 02:30 pm- 03:30 pm
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The session is free to attend. However, prior registration is mandatory.

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