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From Good to Great - Showcase Your Analytics Leadership

Monday, April 10th, 2017
Time : 10:00 am- 04:30 pm

From Good to Great - Showcase Your Analytics Leadership

What does it take to produce great analytics? Some would say it's all about the right data, tools and techniques. Some would say, more than the tools and techniques, it is in people and processes. The answer is - the right mix of both. Analytics is a mixture of art and science. That unique combination means that while tools and data are critical enablers, it is also the people and processes that really make the difference between average and great results.

Successful organizations are leveraging new age technologies to create winning propositions in the marketplace. Many solutions emerging from India, be it for internal consumption or serving the customers, have built tremendous capabilities in using analytics to meet the global as well as domestic requirements.

NASSCOM is organizing a four part tech conversation in Big Data and Analytics under the banner of NASSCOM Tech Series. The conversations will focus on the following tracks

Customer/ Consumer Analytics

To create a single, accurate view of the customer and make decisions about how best to identify, acquire and retain and proactively interact with them.

Engineering Analytics

Reimagine how you design, produce and deliver new products and services that resonate with customer needs and preferences

Risk Analytics

To help clients optimize their risk exposures through advances analytics while maximizing risk adjusted returns

Supply Chain and Operations Analytics

To gain insights to increase supply chain responsiveness, optimize cost and minimize customer impact The inaugural session will focus on Customer/ Consumer Analytics. With this regard, NASSCOM is inviting organisations to submit case studies on customer analytics on how organisations have leveraged analytics in areas of improving customer satisfaction, on managing and targeting the right marketing mix, on reaction to changing market conditions, deep insights for product development, formulation of branding/ social media and customer activities across channels, to highlight a few.

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Monday, April 10th,2017 - 10:00 am- 04:30 pm
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