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Storytelling For Technology Business Leaders You cannot Lead by Logic Alone

Pallava Hall, Holiday Inn, Thiruvanmayur, Chennai

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
Time : 09:00 am- 01:00 pm

Storytelling For Technology Business Leaders You cannot Lead by Logic Alone

“Today, if you want to succeed, you also have to be a good storyteller.” -- Richard Branson

Have you ever struggled to convince others, even though you had strong logical arguments? Are you often told motivating your team is all about pay scales & incentives? Do you find you are working hard, but losing out to inferior products because they could somehow persuade the customer? If yes, this workshop is for you.

You cannot persuade by logic alone. You have to change hearts, not minds. Stories are a direct channel to the Heart. Facts do not win hearts. Stories do.

You have to win their attention, then hold it, engage them, and ensure they are receptive to your ideas. You cannot just convey your argument – you have to make them “feel it”.

Storytelling is an art. But we are not artists. You & I need a process.

Some people are born gifted communicators; this workshop is for the rest of us. This workshop will cover the process of Story for business communication. A playbook to systematically apply story principles to business presentations - with real live examples - to help you become a more Engaging, Persuasive & Inspiring Leader.

What the Workshop will Cover

  • The Power of Story: communicated via a story
  • Story Principles: the underlying science
  • Examples, Exercise, Videos
  • Story Playbook: a step-by-step application guide
  • A Cheat-Sheet: a template to quickly convert most communication into a basic story

Testimonials from Previous Sessions

  • "Outstanding. Lot of confusion & doubts are cleared and I am already seeing a new pitch", Sunil Gupta, CEO, QuNu Labs
  • "It was indeed a great session - one of the best that Changed the way I would present & engage a prospect in a way we as a company were not doing before", Ajay Kumar, Business Development, ManthanI have heard on a very important and relevant topic for startups as well as 'mature' companies !!" Anupam Saronwala, Previously Country Leader & Program Director, IBM Research Business Development
  • "It was really amazing, I learnt a lot from the session, and started implementing it the very next presentation." K Srinivas, KelltonTech
  • "The session was amazing. I realized how very basic things like writing a email to someone can be made more effective if we consciously practice some of storytelling principles. Really good session, will stay with me hopefully forever." Angad Singh Abrol, CareerSocially
  • "Thank you for the presentation. It was an eye opener for me. Never thought it that way. We are now reworking on our flyers, pitch deck, all to reflect the same thoughts." Padmakumar AV, Founder & CEO, Community Farm


Subinder Khurana Initiative Lead & Lead Mentor, NASSCOM Deep Tech Club
Date and time
Tuesday, May 21st,2019 - 09:00 am- 01:00 pm
venue / address

Pallava Hall, Holiday Inn, Thiruvanmayur, Chennai

  • 1 Complimentary ticket per member organization
  • Additional Members: Rs 1000/- per delegate
  • Non-Members: Rs 1500/- per Delegate
  • (Registration charges includes GST)
  • Payments can be made via NEFT/ Cheque/ DD

Limited seats 
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