Innovation & Academia: Nurturing Indian Start-up story!

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Innovation & Academia: Nurturing Indian Start-up story!


Cultivating the Entrepreneurial culture and providing support to start-ups, indeed, forms the rock-solid foundation for a progressive economy. This culture brings in enhanced scope among Universities, Enterprises, and Governments at large to foster innovative ideas and help them get converted into successful business. Conjoined effort by all facilitates an Entrepreneurship ecosystem and thereby create incremental gains for the economy.

Creating next-generation start-ups is the need of the hour. This is where we should increasingly leverage the research advances being made by Universities spanning areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, medical technologies, renewable energy and material science. Extensive effort to convert these innovations into job-creating commercial products is essential, clearly indicating that it can only happen with effective collaboration between Industry, Academia and the Government. Innovation centers/ Incubators, in this respect, should be on a rampage to boost the start-up growth pattern.

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Key Findings

How Enterprises and the Academia are creating Start-ups? Is there a seamless connection between the two?

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